Informal Hair Bun

informal hair bun informal hair bun2
Informal hair bun can be a perfect hairstyle for casual event and it is easy to achieve with any type of hair. It can help to maintain your hair far from nape of the neck which makes it a perfect hairstyle for hot weather. This hairstyle can give a very neat look and it can be matched with a proper outfit to look beautiful. Most of the people and celebrities like this type of hairstyle when they come out of their home.
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informal hair bun5 informal hair bun6
Just begin the styling with a cleanly washed hair using a shampoo and make sure that the hair becomes fully dry. Comb your hair to make it free from knots and make a simple side part with the hair. Take the entire hair part to make a simple looking ponytail with the help of your hand and make sure that the hair is fully smooth on top of the head. You can simply brush the hair over the head to make it smooth. Try to shake your hair in front of the head and pull it near middle of your nape to maintain a even length. Next try to twist your hair with right hand and move towards the hair ends. Take the ponytail base for wrapping it around the twisted hair to create a simple loop between your left hand and head. Keep the hair secured using the loop and try to pull it tight.

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