Using Kanekalon Hair To Create Senegalese Twists

kanekalon hair twist kanekalon hair twist2
Kanekalon hair is a synthetic hair that is used to create Senegalese twists and this hairstyle can look similar to a braid if you create it with the help of Kanekalon hair. You can use any type of Kanekalon hair starting from short to long to create the Senegalese twists without going to a saloon.
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First comb the hair before creating different parts all over the head. Then take one hair part that must be oiled perfectly witou any tangles. Make this hair section smooth and make a small wisp from this hair section. The size of the wisp can be as per your desire and secure the remaining hair separate using the hair band. Take kanekalon hair after misting it using oil sheen and cut it as per your wish. Now keep small amount of kanekalon hair on hair wisp in the natural hair and try to twist it into half. You must coil the hair strand separately to each other and move towards the end of your hair. Next coil the hair strands in the opposite way for twisting two strands each other. At last secure the hair end by using glue before moving to the other hair sections. You can cut the remaining stray hair using a scissors to make it look good. Try to maintain the Senegalese twists smoothly to prevent it from getting out of its shape.

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