Creating Fusion Extensions At Home

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Fusion extensions are not so popular hair weaving method as it features coating ends of the extensions with glue that will be attached to your hair. It is considered to consume too much of time when compared to other weaving techniques. Here is s method to create fusion extensions at home. Make sure to get some help from a friend while doing this at home as it can be a difficult process for the first time.
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First keep parchment paper on the ground and cut the keratin glue sticks as small parts. Make sure the cut keratin glue sticks is able to fit in the melting pot. Try to keep the keratin glue stick in the melting pot to make the glue to melt. Then cut the small parts of your weave and wear fusion guards in your fingers so it can prevent the hot glue from falling on your hands. Now take the small section of your hair and dip it inside the glue that has been melted. Then immediately start rolling it in between the fingers to create the sharp point. Place your fusion extension over parchment paper to make it dry completely. Follow the same technique on the remaining fusion extensions to end the process. Always take small amount of extensions while styling it in this way to prevent a messy looking hair at the end of the process.

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