Methods To Make Kanekalon Curly

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Curling a Kanekalon is a simple process that can be done at home than visiting a hair specialist. The Kanekalon is available in different types such as braids, kinky extensions and more along with more than 100 color options. There is no need to use any type of curling iron to achieve this look as you can do this by following these simple techniques. You can apply bigger rods to create loose curls and thin rods to get tight curls in the Kanekalon.
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To make the Kanekalon curly, first take the Kanekalon lock for winding it with the salon rod before dipping it into the hot water. Leave it in the water for about 15 seconds and gently wipe it using a normal towel to make it dry. Once the Kanekalon becomes fully dry take the rod carefully and start to unwind the Kanekalon out of the rod. Now you can see that the Kanekalon has been completely curled. The curl in the Kanekalon will stay in its original shape for many shampoo washes. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as they can cause damage to the Kanekalon and the Kanekalon is also not recommended for heat styling. The Kanekalon is normally used in the hair extensions as well as hair weaves. You must give same priority to the Kanekalon which is given to the wig to prevent any damage.

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