Styling Black Hair With Color Rinse

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Color rinse is used to change the look of your hair on temporary basis. The color rinse will not enter into hair shaft thus making it a temporary hair coloring product. It is mainly used on hair color such as red, blue and purple, but those who have black hair will not get its full effect. There is a way to use the color rinse on your black hair to make it lighter.
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To begin first rinse the hair using warm water and wear hand gloves. Take the color rinse and mix it as per the instructions. Cover the shoulder with a normal cloth to prevent the rinse from falling on your skin. Then brush the hair to make it smooth and separate the hair into sections. Apply the rinsing product all over the hair section from top to end including the hair roots. Make sure that the hair sections have been completely saturated with the product and leave it on as per the time mentioned in the instruction. Use the same technique on the other hair parts all over the hair and make sure they have been properly covered with the product. At last wash the hair and apply the shampoo as well as the hair conditioner that is provided along with the color rinsing product. The hair color can stay longer if you wash it with a color-enhancing hair shampoo.

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