Creating Fusion Extensions At Home

fusion extensions fusion extensions2
Fusion extensions are not so popular hair weaving method as it features coating ends of the extensions with glue that will be attached to your hair. It is considered to consume too much of time when compared to other weaving techniques. Here is s method to create fusion extensions at home. Make sure to get some help from a friend while doing this at home as it can be a difficult process for the first time.
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First keep parchment paper on the ground and cut the keratin glue sticks as small parts. Make sure the cut keratin glue sticks is able to fit in the melting pot. Try to keep the keratin glue stick in the melting pot to make the glue to melt. Then cut the small parts of your weave and wear fusion guards in your fingers so it can prevent the hot glue from falling on your hands. Now take the small section of your hair and dip it inside the glue that has been melted. Then immediately start rolling it in between the fingers to create the sharp point. Place your fusion extension over parchment paper to make it dry completely. Follow the same technique on the remaining fusion extensions to end the process. Always take small amount of extensions while styling it in this way to prevent a messy looking hair at the end of the process.

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Washing Smoothing Gel Out Of Your Hair

smoothing gel smoothing gel2
Smoothing hair gel is a most used hairstyling product that can make the hair look sleek and sophisticated. You can easily create different types of hairstyle by using the smoothing gels at home. But if you use too much of smoothing gel on the hair, it can make the hair look sticky that must be removed immediately to prevent hair damage. You can just use the clarifying shampoo to wash the hair to remove the gel out of your hair.
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To get rid of smoothing gel from your hair, first rinse the hair using warm water and use your fingers to separate the hair strands. Apply clarifying shampoo all over the hair evenly till you are able to form rich lather and rinse the hair completely. You can go through the hair again and use the shampoo once again if you find any gel buildup in any part of the hair. Then divide the hair by combing the strands and spread a little amount of moisturizing conditioner. Use the moisturizing conditioner mainly at the hair ends to make the hair soft once again. Make the moisturizing conditioner to stay on your hair for at least fifteen minutes and rinse the hair again. At last use moisturizing leave-in hair conditioner to style the hair as per your wish. Wash the hair at least two times in a month with clarifying shampoo to keep it free from hairstyling product buildup.

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Vanessa Hudgens Curly Hairstyle

vanessa hudgens curl vanessa hudgens curl2
Vanessa Hudgens curly hairstyle is easy to achieve by following a simple process at home. This hairstyle has been liked by most of the people due to the popularity of Vanessa Hudgens. Anyone can create her hairstyle with hairstyling products that are regularly used.
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vanessa hudgens curl5 vanessa hudgens curl6
First go through Vanessa Hudgens photos in which she has a curly hairstyle. You can do this by going through magazines and even as the hair specialist. Then comb the hair using a brush to make it soft and spread a little amount of anti-frizz hair gel all over the strands from top to end. Next make a simple straight part in the middle over the head and secure of small parts of hair with rubber bands. You must curl the hair part by part that can make the hairstyle look more effective. Try to curl the hair using a curling iron and make sure to use it at least for a minute on the hair to achieve the curls in a perfect manner. You must mist the hair part that has been curled immediately after using the curling iron that can help in adding more volume into the hair. After creating curls all over your hair just compare your hairstyle with the picture of Vanessa Hudgens to make sure that it looks almost similar. Try to adjust the curls with your fingers if you find it out of shape.

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Methods To Hair For Round Face

round face haircut round face haircut2
Having a round face needs a good haircut to make it look beautiful. There are few haircuts where the layers are left long to make the face look narrow. Here are few things that can be considered while getting a haircut for the round face. You can create any type of hairstyle with the round face, but it is important that the length of the hair must be medium or long. Creating a short haircut can make the face look bad and it is also not recommended.
round face haircut3 round face haircut4

round face haircut5 round face haircut6
The hairstyle that needs to be avoided with the round face is the bob as it can spoil your entire look. Try to select the haircut that can keep your hair medium to long in length. You must create the length and it must draw your eye down to make the face look wide. There is no need to keep the hair width as you will be making the hair look longer. Try to add volume at the bottom of your hair than getting it done all over. Avoid getting the hairstyle where the hair will start to move across your face. You can also add more volume in the hair on top of the head, but it can only create the illusion of a long hair. Stay away from the hairstyle that will be able to create horizontal line at the widest area of your face.

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Applying Bleach On Dark Hair At Home

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Bleaching hair can consume more time if you are doing it at home. Most of the people bleach their hair to achieve a perfect blonde looking hair. The hair can get damaged if you try to make the hair light with the help of a bleaching product. But you can do the bleaching process at home within few minutes than going to a saloon for a long process.
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dark hair bleach5 dark hair bleach6
First make the hair smooth by combing it and create four parts. Then take bleaching kit and mix the product by following the instructions properly. Cover the shoulders with a towel and take one of the hair part for styling. Start applying the mixed bleach over the hair using your hands wearing gloves. Try to spread the mixture from the hair roots and move to the hair ends gently. Next use the same method to cover the remaining hair parts in the same way. Wear a plastic cap over the head to cover your hair and leave it for about half an hour. Now you can check the color of your hair and leave it for another 5 minutes to make it light. Get the hair rinsed using warm water and apply a little amount of shampoo for washing the hair fully. Don’t forget to apply a conditioner and rinse the hair again after 5 minutes before styling the hair as per your wish.

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Taking Care Of Damaged Extensions

damaged hair extensions damaged hair extensions2
Damaged extensions normally occur due to excessive hairstyling using various tools. The damaged extensions will look very dry as well as dull that can become uncontrollable sometime. You can follow a particular technique with the help of moisturizing oil for treating the hair extensions that have been damaged. Use this treatment on the hair extension at least once in a week to achieve better result.
damaged hair extensions3 damaged hair extensions4

damaged hair extensions5 damaged hair extensions6
First take the hair extensions and apply shampoo all over. Then rinse it using normal water and condition with a standard hair conditioner. Next you can dry it using a towel by simply blotting it. Now take the moisturizing oil in a bowl and heat it by just placing it in a bowl of hot water for 3 minutes. Make sure that the moisturizing oil doesn’t become too hot as it can damage the hair extension. Start spreading the moisturizing oil over the extensions using your fingers and gently massage it to make sure that it has been applied perfectly all over. Brush the hair extension using a comb and cover it using the shower cap for 5 minutes. Then take the shower cap out of the hair extensions and rinse it using warm water. Let the hair extensions dry on their own. You can also mix sweet almond along with 2-3 tbsp olive oil and hot oil for treating the hair extensions in the same way.

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Using Kanekalon Hair To Create Senegalese Twists

kanekalon hair twist kanekalon hair twist2
Kanekalon hair is a synthetic hair that is used to create Senegalese twists and this hairstyle can look similar to a braid if you create it with the help of Kanekalon hair. You can use any type of Kanekalon hair starting from short to long to create the Senegalese twists without going to a saloon.
kanekalon hair twist3 kanekalon hair twist4

kanekalon hair twist5 kanekalon hair twist6
First comb the hair before creating different parts all over the head. Then take one hair part that must be oiled perfectly witou any tangles. Make this hair section smooth and make a small wisp from this hair section. The size of the wisp can be as per your desire and secure the remaining hair separate using the hair band. Take kanekalon hair after misting it using oil sheen and cut it as per your wish. Now keep small amount of kanekalon hair on hair wisp in the natural hair and try to twist it into half. You must coil the hair strand separately to each other and move towards the end of your hair. Next coil the hair strands in the opposite way for twisting two strands each other. At last secure the hair end by using glue before moving to the other hair sections. You can cut the remaining stray hair using a scissors to make it look good. Try to maintain the Senegalese twists smoothly to prevent it from getting out of its shape.

kanekalon hair twist7 kanekalon hair twist8

Mod Hair Bob

mod hair bob mod hair bob2
The mod hair bob is known to be a beautiful hairstyle which has been popular from a long time. It is very much popular among many people as it can be worn by anyone with short hair. The mods normally wear this style hairstyle along with with heavy bangs and texture around their head. There are few celebrities who wear this hairstyle style to get the look and you can follow this technique to get it.
mod hair bob3 mod hair bob4

mod hair bob5 mod hair bob6
It is a hairstyle that is usually dependent on the hair texture and adding more volume into hair is very important before starting your process. A normal bob usually created from the nape of the neck and it can end near jaw line. To get this mod hair bob you must create shoulder length hair along with the blunt cut where the bangs must stay below the eyebrow. This is a very easy hairstyle that can be created at home with the help of hair straightening iron. Then apply small amount of hair frizz-fighting gel all over to make the hair look straight and try to round the hair ends toward your face. The mods are known to select a geometric hairstyle that can be blunt and also angular. Try to get a support from hair specialist while creating the mod look for the first time and then you can continue the same method at home.

mod hair bob7 mod hair bob8

Unique Hair Coloring Option

unique hair color unique hair color2
Unique hair coloring technique can give interesting look to your hairstyle. You must be able to select a very different hair colors to achieve this look, but get help from a hairstylist or a friend while styling the hair in this way. The unique hair colors can give a striking look for most of the people. The best thing that is done while selecting the color for your hair is to look for various options.
unique hair color3 unique hair color4

unique hair color5 unique hair color6
First look into magazines with photos of people with unique hair colors. The magazines can be found in a hair salon or you can also go through online. Look for photos of various people who have unique hair colors and try to compare them with different face shapes as well as complexions. Websites can also be another best option while selecting the unique hair colors as they will feature most unusual colors. Bleach your hair to achieve the pale blonde look and apply pink on the brunette hair to get the burgundy appearance. Always bleach your hair using the powder lightener as well as the volume cream developer. Make sure that the bolder color can be achieved with the lighter hair to make it look good. Use various types of hair color streaks on various hair strands for testing purpose and once the hair becomes dry, you will be able to select the best coloring option for your hair.

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Drawstring Straight Hairstyle

drawstring straight hairstyle drawstring straight hairstyle2
The drawstring straight hairstyle is the best option to style the hair on temporary basis. Most of the people select this hairstyle as it can be created with a weave piece. The weave piece will be made with human or synthetic hair and it is available in different types for styling your hair. It also features various coloring options suitable for different hair types.
drawstring straight hairstyle3 drawstring straight hairstyle4

drawstring straight hairstyle5 drawstring straight hairstyle6
To get this hairstyle done at home, first clean your hair before applying the hair conditioner. Then comb only your natural hair using the wide-tooth hair brush. Comb your hair at the side of the head where your weave piece will be attached. Apply a small amount of hair only at the hair ends which will be able to give it more hold. Use the elastic band for keeping the ponytail secured in its place and try to wrap the hair from your ponytail around base of the ponytail for making it like a hair bun. Keep the hair bun in place with the help of bobby pins and place drawstring hair over your natural hair for attach it using the normal hair clips. Try pulling the drawstrings just over your ponytail tightly and make it cover your ponytail which was made with the help of natural hair. Wrap drawstring at the base of your natural ponytail and keep it secured using bobby pins before wrapping the ponytail holder at the base.

drawstring straight hairstyle7 drawstring straight hairstyle8