Creating High Ponytail With Straight Hair

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Creating high ponytail with straight hair can be very easy and it can also give a great look. It is also considered to be a high fashion hairstyle which can be created at home without getting any help from a hair specialist. Most of the models and designers wear this type of hairstyle for fashion shows. This style can look good on every hair type starting from straight to curly and fine to thick hair. Make sure that you hair least shoulder length before beginning the styling process.
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To high ponytail with straight hair, first apply little amount of mousse on a dry hair and work it through the roots. Then blow dry the hair and collect about three inches of hair at the center of the head. Use a comb by closely setting its teeth to tease the section of hair from two to three inches back and move the comb forward. Mist all over the teased section of hair with an extra hold hairspray. Continue to tease the rest of your hair with a fine-tooth comb by spraying each section. At last arrange the rest of the hair to create a high ponytail at the center of your head that highlights the tease and wrap it with an elastic band. Next smooth down the hair on both the sides of your head and just leave the teased section high. If you want include few decorative hair pieces with the hairstyle.

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