Methods To Add Micro Loop Hair Extension

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Micro bead extensions are available with a ring attached to it that can be easily applied to the natural hair using only glue. Most of the people normally use the extension with the right extension tools as it is made with human hair which can be styled by anyone. To start, first you must make a simple part in your hair and create a hair section that must look like a horseshoe.
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Next try to create vertical part at the sides of the head from one ear to your crown section. Then comb the hair in front of the head and keep it secured in place. Try to create sections with the remaining hair about horizontally at the rear side of the head in the middle of your crown and the nape. Secure your hair section over the top of your head with the help of duckbill clips. Pull out half inch hair near your neck and send the hooking inside micro loop from hair extension by taking 15 strands just between the thumb as well as forefinger. Now insert it just inside the tip of your hooking device and slide the micro loop extension simply over its stem and hair strands. Make sure to keep it just 1/4 inch away from the scalp and place your clamping tool on the micro loop for pressing it tightly which can make it stay along with actual hair.

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