Maintaining Rooster Hairstyle

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Rooster hairstyle has been one of the unique way of styling the hair that was popularized by some of the celebrities. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who to create a unique look with their short hair. It can also give a very funny look when matched with a proper outfit. Most of the teens in the present day like to style their hair in this way. After creating this hairstyle it is important to maintain it in a proper way.
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First cut excess of your hair with the help of scissors and mainly near your ears as well as forehead. Now try to cut your hair at the sides of the head and shave your head with the help of a half inch guard starting from back of the head and move to the front part over the head. Leave one and half inch hair strip down the middle of the head and take guard off your clipper for just shaving sides or other parts of the hair over your head without touching the middle hair strip. You can also style and create a shape over the middle hair strip in different ways like flat. Use the guard and clippers for removing the excess of hair over the top to maintain a proper height over the head. Try to maintain this hairstyle using the hair guard clippers to make it look same always.

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