Khloe Kardashian With Chunky Lowlights

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Khloe Kardashian has got chunky lowlights on the hair which can give a completely natural look and it can also be a perfect choice for people who are planning to create a dramatic look. This hairstyle can be created with a larger section of the hair which will be used for coloring. The hair coloring is known as chunking which can be created similar to other highlighting process with dark color.
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To get Khloe Kardashian hairstyle, place a towel around the shoulders and front neck area. Take foil pieces about five inch width which can be used on each chunk of your hair to color. The foil section must be the length of your hair section and it must be placed in a stack at right hand side. Mix hair color and the developer before shaking them in a bottle. Try to weave large chunks of your hair with up as well as under motion using longer end of your comb opposite to its teeth. The hair that is on top of the comb must be low lighted. Apply a little amount of hair color to saturate the hair piece which will be thinner than your bleach for the highlights. Take the foil piece to fold and leave small part visible near your scalp area. Continue weaving process to get the hair colored and leave it for few minutes before washing the entire hair.

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