Steps To Take Out Excess Color From Hair

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Coloring the hair can give a new look for everyone, but sometimes while doing this at home the color may look excess on the hair. In case there is too much color on your hair while styling the hair at home, it can spoil your entire look. There are ways to correct the extra color applied on your hair without going to a saloon.
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Start by just washing the hair with clarifying shampoo as many times as possible as this shampoo has been specially developed to take out chlorine from the hair for swimmers. Continue to shampoo wash the hair several times and the color will start to fade slowly. Another option is to purchase the hair color removal kit from L’Oreal. Just spread this product on your hair as usual the extra color on your hair can removed easily. This is one of the best hair color fading product that can also be used on the permanent hair color. Try to apply this product as soon as possible to get the perfect result. In case all these options fail to do any good job on your hair, go to a hairstylist and they can suggest the best option available to remove the extra color from your hair. Sometimes there will be bad looking shades seen on your hair after this process which can treated by coloring your hair with dark hue.

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Creating Curls Using Shampoo And Curling Iron

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Creating a curly hairstyle can give a unique look, but it is not easy to achieve this look as you must follow a particular method. There are few shampoos that can be a perfect choice while making your hair look curly than using other heating tools. But it is not possible to make the curly only with a shampoo. Using the shampoo can only define your curls and only a curling iron with medium heat can give your beautiful looking curls. The curling iron is the only tool that can cause very little damage to the hair during the curling process when compared to other tools.
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There are few curling shampoos that can remove the frizz out of your hair and help in creating the curls. First take a small part of your hair and mist it with a spray and keep the curling iron for heating. Once the curling iron reaches the right temperature, try to spread it over the hair section from top to bottom. Try to roll the hair with the curling iron and keep it slightly loose. Now take the hair section straight top and try to tap it during the process. Let the curling iron to stay on your hair for few seconds and make sure not to leave it on for a long time as it can damage your hair. Do the same on the remaining hair parts.

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Preparing Natural Shampoo At Home

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Creating a natural hair shampoo is the best way to prevent damage caused to the hair with the chemical products. There are different techniques that can be used to create the natural shampoo for your hair at home. Most of the people prefer homemade hairstyling products, but they will not have an idea about preparing them. The daily used hair product is the shampoo that is very easy to prepare with natural items.
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The first option is using chamomile tea about 6 bags in a bowl and boil it for about 15 minutes and add 4 tbsp pure soap flakes into it. Then mix 1 1/2 tbsp pure vegetable glycerin into the bowl and mix it completely. Once the mixture in your bowl becomes cool, try to apply it over the hair like a shampoo. The second option is 1/4 cup warm water in a bowl and mix 1/4 cup liquid castile soap. Include 1/2 tsp olive oil into the bowl and mix them perfectly. You can use this product on the hair instead of a shampoo as usual. The third option is taking 1/4 cup liquid castile soap along with 1/4 cup aloe vera serum in a bowl. Then 1 tbsp mix pure vegetable glycerin along with 1/4 tbsp avocado oil into the bottle and try to shake it well. Now the mixture can be applied over the hair than using the shampoo.

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Hairstyle With Textured High Updo

textured high updo textured high updo2
Creating textured high updo is one of the best way to style the hair to get a elegant look. This hairstyle is also one of the best ways to keep yourself cool during a hot and humid days. You can also wear it while going for an office, party or even for a shopping. Try to keep it slightly messy to make the look cool during special occasions. Even thought there are so updo hairstyle that be worn this one can make you look completely different. Get this hairstyle at home by following these simple steps.
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textured high updo5 textured high updo6
Try to wash the hair using a shampoo and then use a little amount of hair conditioner. Next spread a little amount of volume-enhancing cream like a mousse to keep the hair slightly damp and use a blow dryer to dry the hair upside down. Finger comb the hair to create wavy texture while blow drying the hair. Now collect all of the hair to create a ponytail or knot the hair into a low bun or pull the hair up higher at the crown and secure it using a hair clip. Try to pull few pieces of hair from the bun or at the ends of the hair. Next apply a generous amount of smoothing serum in your hands and spread it all over the hair to control the flyaways. At last spritz the hair with a little amount of aerosol hairspray to get into the look.

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Hairstyle With Scrunched Look

scrunched hair scrunched hair2
Scrunched look in your hair can look good, but to achieve it you must follow the right technique which can be slightly difficult for some of the people. Those who have a tightly wound curly hair and craving beach tussled waves will be able to remove the frizz to create this type of hairstyle. Most of the people will try to use lot of styling products to style such a hair and it can be achieved them by following these simple steps. Try to select the best styling product to style the hair as it can give stiffer curls.
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First wash the hair and condition it using a texturizing shampoo. Get the conditioners that are used for on curly hair as it can be the best choice for a scrunched hairstyle and it can also avoid broken or split ends. Remove the excess water from the hair and remove the tangles or knots with a wide-toothed comb or vent brush. Apply a little amount of leave in conditioner all over your hair and finger comb it properly. Next use a diffuser on the hairdryer and then tip the head over while drying the hair from the roots to the ends. Scrunch your hair between the hands into small sections and then try to keep it slightly damp. Flip the head right side up and scrunch it by holding hairdryer. Finally apply a generous amount of finishing product in your hands and spread it over the hair.

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Hairstyle With Medium Layered Emo

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A medium layered emo features has 3 different layers inside one inch in first two as well as third layer falling 3 inches after second one. The hair layers will be unattached in a sense which they do not follow a pattern of an inch between the layers. To cut an emo hairstyle with layers use upto four ponytail holders and rat tail comb.
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layered emo hair5 layered emo hair6
First decide on how many layers you are planning to have an haircut. This hairstyle usually needs three to four layers depending on the length of the hair. Divide the hair by going from temple to temple and making it forward one section from there. Go from behind your ear just below the crown of your head and back down to behind the other ear. The final section of hair will be left in the back of your head and all sections must be secured with hair ties. First section of the hair must be brushed forward to cover the face completely and to make it more manageable. Hold a section of the hair in front of the face one or two inches from your nose. The second section must be brushed forward and cut at the same point one to two inches past the nose. The third section will be brushed forward to cut the hair about two to three inches past the nose. Use your finger to comb the hair and then create more jagged ends by clipping the sections throughout the hair.

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Creating High Ponytail With Straight Hair

high ponytail high ponytail2
Creating high ponytail with straight hair can be very easy and it can also give a great look. It is also considered to be a high fashion hairstyle which can be created at home without getting any help from a hair specialist. Most of the models and designers wear this type of hairstyle for fashion shows. This style can look good on every hair type starting from straight to curly and fine to thick hair. Make sure that you hair least shoulder length before beginning the styling process.
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high ponytail5 high ponytail6
To high ponytail with straight hair, first apply little amount of mousse on a dry hair and work it through the roots. Then blow dry the hair and collect about three inches of hair at the center of the head. Use a comb by closely setting its teeth to tease the section of hair from two to three inches back and move the comb forward. Mist all over the teased section of hair with an extra hold hairspray. Continue to tease the rest of your hair with a fine-tooth comb by spraying each section. At last arrange the rest of the hair to create a high ponytail at the center of your head that highlights the tease and wrap it with an elastic band. Next smooth down the hair on both the sides of your head and just leave the teased section high. If you want include few decorative hair pieces with the hairstyle.

high ponytail7 high ponytail8

Steps To Get Parted Hair Bangs

parted hair bangs parted hair bangs2
Parted hair bangs is one of the easiest ways of styling your hair in a quick time. There will be bangs in this hairstyle that will be parted in the middle of your head and it is a versatile style which can be paired along with hair down for a casual look. Many celebrities like to wear this hairstyle in case they have a long hair which makes easy to maintain and to create it. To create this style, first try to have at least medium to length hair. Just follow this simple way to achieve this style at home without getting any help.
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parted hair bangs5 parted hair bangs6
To get parted hair bangs, begin the hairstyling process by spreading a little amount of straightening balm all over the bangs after cleaning them on a damp hair. Use your fingers starting from the center of your forehead through the bangs and separate the hair into half. Start curling one half of the bangs with a round brush by keeping it next to your forehead and brush it toward the face. Use a blow dryer and dry the hair by pulling it through the bangs to make the hair curl inward. Clamp the flat iron on one half of your bangs near the scalp and then slowly draw it down your hair. Spread a little amount of smooth motion and each half of the bangs and follow the same process on the other bangs too.

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Attaching Crochet Weave With Natural Hair

crochet weave crochet weave2
Crochet weaving is a technique of styling the hair that can give a dramatic look for anyone who wears it. You can add the crochet weave along with the natural hair to prevent it from getting damaged. It is liked by many people who don’t want to expose their hair. Creating this type of hairstyle can take lot of time so it is preferred to get some help from a friend or a hair specialist during the styling process.
crochet weave3 crochet weave4

crochet weave5 crochet weave6
To wear the crochet weave, first you must part your entire from the middle and try to braid your hair towards the back of head like cornrows. Next use the sewing needle for sewing your end of cornrow along with the main braid using the basic sewing method. Cut your thread end before creating a knot at the end of the thread. This will become the base of your cornrow for the remaining styling process. Mist the hair using a holding hairspray all over and send the crochet needle just below your first cornrow as close as possible near your ear over the hairline. Now take the crocheting weave for wrapping it over the hook in your crochet needle and cover it latch over crochet needle before pulling your hair about halfway through the braid. Finally take the crochet hair ends to make a simple knot which will keep it secured in place.

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Hairstyle With Headband Updo

headband updo headband updo2
Headband updo is a hairstyle which features a headband placed over the up to give a beautiful look.  It is a hairstyle that liked by some of the celebrities who want to keep their hair on top of the head. This hairstyle can be created easily at home with few simple steps. You must start the hairstyling on a day old hair. Avoid washing the hair on the day of your styling process as it can cause flyaways in your hair that can make it difficult to stay in place.
headband updo3 headband updo4

headband updo5 headband updo6
To start your hairstyling, spread a little amount of texturizing gel all over your hair. Then try to brush the entire hair and don’t continue the styling without the brushing process. This will make the hairstyle look more voluminous. Next comb your hair which is at the back of the head and make a simple looking ponytail on top of your head. Try to twist your ponytail to create a ballerina bun and keep it secured with the help of bobby pins before misting it with anti-frizz spray. This will keep the hairstyle in place without causing any flyaways. Now you can take a headband of your preferred choice and place it over the head. If possible you can also create other type of hairstyle and wear the headband, but this is the best method to create an updo along with headband.

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