Parted Bob Hairstyle

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A parted bob hairstyle is recognized with its unique look and it is worn by many celebrities. The hairstyle will have short hair at the back which will grow long in the front of your head along with a distinct angle from back to your chin. It can be created by visiting a saloon using a medium-barrel curling iron. Make sure to use the scissors carefully if you don’t have practice of using them. Avoid cutting too much hair as it cannot be adjusted
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To begin your cutting process, clean your entire hair with a shampoo before applying a hair conditioner on daily basis. Then make a part straight down over the middle of your head and blow dry your entire hair as usual. Now secure your hair in place using a pin and brush it towards the back of the neck. Look into the mirror while cutting your hair using the scissors and make sure to do this gently. The haircut must look even, so try to place your comb at an angle and it should stay away from your cut hair section behind the neck down the chin. Then cut your hair below the brush with slanted tilt and move towards the right side of your hair. Brush the hair by pointing it over the cut section behind your head and also near your chin to make it look perfect.

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Waterfall Hair Color

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Waterfall hair color is a simple hairstyle that can be created with the standard hairstyling products. This method can give your beautiful looking hairstyle along with unique color. Here is a simple technique that can help in achieving this hairstyle at home.
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Start by dividing the hair as three sections with a normal comb and make 2 diagonal parts which must start from crown towards outside. Use a thick color from your styling kit and apply it over the hair on both the parts of your head. Let the color stay on the hair for fifteen minutes and apply the color over the hair roots for better result. Now leave your hair with the color on for another fifteen minutes and rinse the hair parts that have been colored. Secure the uncolored hair separately behind the head and use hair color over your hair back section at the back by taking 1 ¼ inch piece. You must use horizontal strokes to spread your hair colors and repeat it again. Now leave your hair once again for around 45 minutes before getting the hair washed fully using a normal shampoo and this will help in removing the loose color out of the hair. Apply a small amount of moisturizing conditioner after the rinsing process to maintain the moisture in your hair, so it can stay away from damage caused by the hair color.

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Styling Hair Using Pre-Bonded Extension

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Applying pre-bonded extension along with your natural can help to make it look long and voluminous. There are various hair extensions that can be purchased and it can be used to style the hair as usual, but they can damage the hair. So people prefer pre-bonded extension that is known to prevent the hair from getting damaged. To start the styling, take the natural hair and keep it separated on top of the head.
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Then pull out a thin hair strand near the nape of hairline and comb it gently. Try to pull out small hair from the hair extension from the holes and wrap a pre-bonded extension to your natural hair strands that comes out of your template. Use the fusion connector iron and clamp it over your wrapped hair and make sure to leave it for about 4-5 seconds before taking it out of your hair. Use the same method on the remaining hair parts and take template from the bonded part in your pre-bonded extension for brushing it gently only after it becomes completely dry. Pull out another thin strand from your hair from behind the head and use same technique over this section as well. Try to use your template by simply attaching it with the pre-bonded extension. At last make sure to comb your hair to make it free from knots and style it as you wish.

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Taking Care Of Thin Hair By Parting

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Having a thin hair can give a bad look and it can be adjusted by simply parting the hair to one side of your head. Everyone will face this issue in some part of their like and they will struggle to change their look. Just use this method for parting the hair which is thin without causing any damage to your hair.
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To start your process first clean the hair with the help of volumizing shampoo and try to condition the hair as usual. Avoid using the hairstyling products as it can make your hair to easily weigh down. Use a towel for drying your hair and apply a small amount of volumizing product all over your hair before combing it with wide tooth hair brush. Now you must use the hair dryer for drying your hair with low or medium heat. Try to flip your entire hair down while you continue the drying process. Use hair dryer over the hair strands from top to end over the head. Try to make the part in a line where it must run at the front of your head and then move at the middle. Then back comb your left out hair to make it look voluminous. At last you can apply hair color only if needed to cover the scalp and mist the entire hair with a flexible spray to keep the hair in place.

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Steps To Reverse Perming Process

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Getting the hair permed badly can spoil your entire look and it can also damage the hair if left without proper treatment. Most of the people will try to use per on their hair to get a unique look without getting help from a hairstylist and sometimes it can give a bad look. There are ways to reverse the perm process by following simple styling method. It is important to clean the hair using water as soon as possible after the perm treatment.
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First give your hair deep conditioned after getting it washed which can make the curls to loosen easily. Then consult a hair specialist to undergo the perm removal process.  There is a chemical solution that can be used on your hair to reverse the process and it is also very much as the process involved during the perming process. The solution can be used again and again all over the hair by combing it with a fine-tooth hair brush. This will make the hair straight and free from the perm. You can consult the hairstylist about treating the hair after this process. Get tips from without using any type of chemicals. If you are planning to do the perm reversing process at home, it can also lead to further damage to your hair, so think at least twice before doing it or just visit the saloon for better treatment.

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