Using Curling Gel On A Straight Hair

curling gel straight hair curling gel straight hair2
Curling hair gel is normally used to create curls in your hair, but the same product can be applied on the straight hair to make it curly. You must use your fingers to spread the gel evenly all over the hair, but try to get some practice to prevent damage to your hair. Just purchase the hair gel that is suitable fir your hair type. Consult a hairstylist before choosing the gel to create look you are trying to achieve.
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The first option is creating coils in your hair by wrapping the hair around fingers and securing them in place using pins. Then mist the hair with gel to end the process and you must use the double rod set on each hair parts that need to be curled. Next create a braid with your hair and remove them after few hours to make it look curly. There are chances to create the crimped look by following the braid method with your hair. Try to create a normal twist in your hair with your hands to make it look curly, but if you have a naturally straight it can be difficult to achieve the curls. Whichever method is used to create the curly look, make sure to spread a small amount of hair gel into the strands to make your styling process simple. Don’t use too much of gel on the hair as it can spoil the look.

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