Styling Hair With Silky Dreads

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Silky dreads can be a perfect way of styling the dreadlocks if the hair looks weak and even short. This hairstyle can be styled as per your desire and the consumed is also very less when compared to other hairstyle. Try to create the braid in your silky dreads in such as way that it sticks in place over your head. While dividing your hair, make sure to it is wide as well as thick just like the extensions.
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First divide your hair into sections and try to keep hair extension against the divide hair near your root. Let the long part of your extension stay loose over the head. Now you must braid this section of your hair along with the extension with three-strand braid method and after reaching the end make sure they look fully tight. Brush the hair in your braid with the backcomb technique and do this till your entire hair stays in place without using any styling product. In case you find any lose part in your extension try to wrap it around your braid from top and move towards the end of the extension. You must also try to backcomb hair ends that were wrapped into your braid and use spirit gum to make it stay in place easily. Continue this technique on the remaining hair sections in the same way to complete the styling process.

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Using Twist Gel To Style Short Hair

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Using twist gel on your short hair can make it look less coarse and it is one of the best product to be used only on the African hair. The same gel can be used to maintain hold in your hair than trying the beeswax. It can also add more moisture in your hair follicle and there is no need to be afraid of any side effects while using this product. First purchase the products such as twist gel, shampoo, conditioner and a comb for styling the hair.
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Before using the twist gel over the short hair, try to wash it with a standard hair washing shampoo and apply the hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. Then comb the entire hair normally and apply a little amount of twist gel in your hand and gently work it over the hair starting from the scalp and move towards the end of your hair. Now separate the hair into various parts and try to twist them as usual using your fingers. You can also try to use other methods such as comb twist and double twist for twisting the hair with the twist gel. After your have created twists in your hair, try to leave it for drying on its own which is a best way to prevent any type of hair damage. You can also use a hooded dryer to make the hair dry.

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Prevent Dark Hair Ends While Coloring

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Most of the people like to color their hair dark to make them look beautiful and this can be a perfect choice for winter season. While coloring your hair there are chances that your hair ends can become much darker than the actual color. There are ways to prevent dark hair ends while coloring your hair with a dark color. This process can be done at home by purchasing a hair coloring product from a hairstyling store ear your home.
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First make 4 parts in your hair and pull out half-inch hair section for using the color over it from mid-way. Try to color your hair towards the hair roots and leave the hair ends as it is. Use the same method to color the other sections of your hair leave to dry for about 15 minutes. Now spread a small amount of hair conditioner over your hair ends so they can stay away from the hair color. This will avoid the color from entering into your hair and maintain its original color. In case you are trying this option over a pre-lightened hair, then make sure to give extra care while using the color over it as they will be fragile when compared to natural hair. Then you can apply the hair color over the remaining hair parts as usual and leave it for 15 minutes to dry and rinse the entire hair as usual.

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Steps To Get Garlic Treatment At home

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Garlic treatment on hair is a process that can be undergone at home for various purposes. Once of the most important thing that can be achieved with the garlic treatment is making your hair healthy. It is also known to prevent hair loss and make the hair look shiny. Instead of using the normal garlic over your hair, you can try to purchase shampoos and other products that feature garlic extract suitable for your hair.
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Getting a garlic treatment can help in making hair strong and also maintain the moisture in your hair that can prevent it from getting damaged. The garlic can add more volume into your hair along with shine and make it look fuller. You can also stay away from flaky scalps while treating it with the garlic. If you are using it over the scalp, the garlic can improve blood circulation by removing the harmful toxins before rejuvenating your hair follicles. For undergoing garlic treatment, try to purchase the product from a specialty drugstore near your home and there are also few online beauty product sales website that can be referred. It is important to do a test with the garlic before purchasing the product. To do this, first take half of garlic and rub it over the scalp for half an hour before going to bed. Then apply olive oil before covering it with a cap and wash your hair in the morning.

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Effects Of Basil On Your Hair

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Basil is a cooking product that is normally used to prepare different items. The basil is also considered to feature healing properties as it has been used from a very long time. The oil produced from basil can be used as a good hair moisturizing product that can make the air strong and prevent the dryness. Consult a doctor and a hairstylist before using the basil product on your hair. Continue to use it over the hair until the results are visible after getting suggestions from the hair specialist.
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Basil also helps to stimulate your hair follicles that are weak and easily make the hair healthy once again. The blood circulation in your scalp can become one of the major reason for your hair loss. During this time you can use the basil oil to massage over your scalp gently that can make the blood circulation effectively into your scalp regenerating hair follicles. This product also features eugenol that is anti-inflammatory which can increase the blood flow into your scalp. You can also use the basil to make the hair shaft strong and prevent hair breakage. The healing properties available basil includes two flavenoids that is capable of protecting cell structures and prevents radiation damage. Try to purchase the basil product from a store near you and if you are facing any kind of allergy while using this product, stop it immediately.

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Maintaining Pixie Haircut With Any Poof

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A pixie haircut is the most liked hairstyle for most of the celebrities who have short hair. In case you are planning to create same type of hairstyle on your own, sometimes it may look slightly poofy. There are few things that must be taken care while styling your hair in this way. Make sure to apply a normal hair gel over your hair and style it using a comb.
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First go to a hairstylist to cut your hair in this manner and visit them on regular basis to maintain the pixie look in the same way. After getting the pixie haircut, try to comb your hair to make it free from knots as they are the main reason that can cause the poof in hair. The knots will easily come out if you simply brush them out with a comb when the hair is short. Mist the hair with water before styling it and brush the hair in their natural direction. At last apply a little amount of gel in your hands and spread it all over the hair. By applying the hair gel you will be able to create a texturized look in your hair and you can create a sleek look by applying more amount of gel over the hair. Just comb the hair as usual after using the gel to keep it in place without any poof look.

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Things To Be Considered Before A Haircut

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Those who want to cut their hair must decide what type of haircut would suit their hair and face. Getting a good haircut can make yourself look confident and a bad hair day can be avoided with this. Try to follow few simple things before styling your long hair into short. Keep in mind that after cutting the hair short it will take at least a month to grow slightly longer.
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First consult a hairstylist about cutting your hair to know which haircut can make yourself look beautiful. Then decide the length of your haircut as you must give special attention while cutting the hair to achieve it. Be clear while discussing the haircut with your hairstylist as you cannot get back the length of your hair after it has been cut. If you are cutting hair too short, it will take some time to grow and this type of short haircut can be maintained without using any special products. The hairstyling time will be limited if your cut the hair very short. The hair must be cut in different stages and while cutting the hair for the first time try to keep the hair at least shoulder length. The hair can be cut a little short after few days to achieve the look. Always, try to cut the hair in such as way that it can be adjusted after the haircut.

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Using Walnut Shells To Prepare Hair Color

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Walnut shells are the perfect product that can be used to prepare your own hair color at home. It is also cheap and available very easily. By preparing hair color with walnut shells you will be able to apply it over any type of hair. It is natural product that has no side effects and can be used by everyone. Just follow these steps to prepare your hair color at home using the walnut shells.
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First take distilled water about 8 cups in a bowl and boil it. Once the distilled water becomes cool, try to mix 2 oz walnut shells, 1 oz of dried sage, 1 oz of dried nettle and 1 oz of dried rosemary into the bowl. Then take 2 tea bags for mixing it in the same bowl and heat it again. Then steep the mixture for about 3-4 hours and take only the liquid out of it in a bottle. Now you must mix 2 tbsp of jojoba oil into the liquid in the bottle and keep it in a refrigerator for further use. To apply this color over your hair, first wear hand gloves after cleaning your hair with shampoo. Try to shake product in the bottle before applying it over your hair. You can also maintain your hair in a perfect condition by washing it on regular basis. Try to mix 1/4 cup walnut hair color and 1/4 cup of baby shampoo together for washing your hair.

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Growing Hair Fast Using Fertilizers

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Hair fertilizers are one of such products that can be helpful in growing your hair fast. There are different types of fertilizers that can be used on the hair to make it grow faster, but you must which one is the suitable one for your hair type. The fertilizers can stimulate your scalp that can improve blood circulation that helps to grow your hair faster.
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Lavender oil is one of the product that is very popular among most of the people and it also smells good. If you are applying it over your hair, make sure to stay away from skin as it can cause slight discomfort due to the stimulation of blood flow. Another product is Rosemary oil that can increase your blood circulation and stimulate your hair growth. You can also use Basil oil which is considered to be the best fertilizer that is used on the hair and it is hard to get. This oil can also be very costly when compared to other hair fertilizers. The next option is Nettle oil which is an herb that is a good choice for blood circulation. It can also clean the dirt on your scalp and make the hair growth fast. The final option is the Lemon oil which can make the blood vessels strong and add nutrients into your scalp. Try to consult a hairstylist before trying any of these oils for hair growth.

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Styling A Wig With Hot Roller

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Styling a wig can be a very difficult process as you cannot use some of the styling tools over it as it can get easily damaged. Most of the people would like to curl the wig that is possible only by using a hot roller. By following these steps you will be able to use the hot roller over the wig.
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First brush your wig gently using a vent comb from end of your hair and move towards the root. Then place the wig over the wig stand and take the hot rollers with medium heat. Divide your wig into various parts and secure each of them using clips separately. Mist each of the parts with a spray and start rolling them in the hot roller. Make sure to wrap each of the hair part around the hot roller fully and move straight up towards your hair root before keeping it secured in place using the hair clip. Use the same method to curl the remaining hair parts very gently and leave them on till the wig becomes fully cold. Now take the hot roller out of the wig carefully and adjust the curls gently using your vent comb. End the curling process after misting the entire wig with a normal hairspray. Avoid using the curling over the wig as it can damage it completely and if you are using a synthetic hair wig, try to use only low heat.

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