Feminine Hairstyle

feminine hairstyle feminine hairstyle2
Feminine hairstyle is a very unique style that can look very difficult to create. There is a method that must be followed to achieve this hairstyle at home. You must know how to make a part in your hair in front of the head. This is a perfect hairstyle while attending a special event. Use hair accessories to make your feminine hairstyle look beautiful. You can also wear a beautiful looking hair pin to secure your hair in place.
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Next take the remaining hair to create a ponytail just near your middle point over your head. Use a ponytail holder to secure the ponytail tightly. Now brush your hair from the ponytail to create volume into the hair. Divide your hair into two parts for twisting it to create a simple bun and do the same with the other hair section. Make sure that your second hair section comes over the middle part of the bun. Tuck your hair ends into the bun and hold the hair in your hand. Try to pull the remaining hair at the back of your head and wrap it over the bun. Secure your hair using with a pin and use the same technique over the other section of your hair to create a focus around your face. You must also wrap the ends of your hair around and secure it in place with a pin.

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