Removing Brilliant Silver White From Hair

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Brilliant silver white is a toning rinse that is used on the hair to reduce the brassy tones on the gray hair. Sometimes applying too much of this product on your hair can change its color to purple. Yellow tones are also known to be removed from hair after using product without using special methods. It is easy to get rid of this toner out of the hair with these steps.
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To start first dampen your hair with water and wash it using a normal shampoo. By just rinsing your hair with water after the shampoo process can remove the brilliant silver white out of the hair. After this process look through your hair to look for any kind of purple tones and rinse the hair using a shampoo again. In case you are using another coat of Brilliant silver white on your hair, try to mix few amount of this product in a bowl of water and spread it over your hair. Now you will be able to style the hair as per your wish without rinsing the hair. The toner can easily come out of your hair during your next wash with the shampoo. Avoid using this product on black colored hair as it is known to cause staining over the cloth. There is a warning on the brilliant silver white packet about using this product on the black hair.

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