Cutting Hair Of A Toddler

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Toddler haircut is not so easy to do at home as you need to get some practice before using the scissors. Toddler will normally have a very short hair and you must try to pull the hair out using your hands to cut them in a perfect way. Just give the toddler a simple haircut while doing this for the first time and you can experiment with different haircut after getting some good practice.
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First make the toddler to sit on a chair and hand have him a toy or a book. Then cover him with a towel and mist the hair with water. Try to use warm water for misting the entire hair and this will make your haircutting process very simple. Start snipping the hair gently and try to cut only small amount of hair at one time. Cut the hair over your forehead and move around your ears as wells as near the neck of the toddler. You can also cut the hair around the face and cut the hair ends gently. It is not possible to cut the hair as per your wish as you are doing this at home, but the haircut will look good with some gentle cutting. At last comb the hair that has been cut and wash it as usual. Encourage the toddler during the haircut by talking which can make your work easier.

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