Long Lasting Hairstyle

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To make a hairstyle to last long, you must follow few simple steps. Most of the people want to style their hair beautifully, but they will face problems to maintain them for a long time in the original shape. There are different things that can affect your hairstyle during the day. Here is a technique to make your hairstyle last long.
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First develop volume in your hair before creating the hairstyle using a shampoo and the hair conditioner. After washing your hair, try to dry it using the best method. Use the blow dryer over your hair by keeping it pointed upwards concentrating on the roots. You can also make the hair to fall frontwards by bending your head during the drying process. Now you can style the hair by misting the hair with hairspray and mainly mist the hair at its roots to maintain the hairstyle for a long time in the same way. There are also other hairstyling products such as gel that can be applied over your hair before making the hair straight using with flat iron. Try to style the hair that can give a fuss look, instead you can style the hair in such a way that it stays intact for a long time. Apply a small amount of silicone based gel over the hair roots and brush the hair gently to make the hairstyle long last.

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