Steps To Create Choppy Ends In Your Hair

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Creating choppy ends in the hair is a simple process that can be created to get a edgy look. The hair must be cut in an angle to achieve this look than cutting the hair straight across your head. Consult your hairstylist before cutting the hair at home and get the tools ready to begin the haircutting process. Just use the following method to get the choppy ends in your hair.
choppy ends3 choppy ends4

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To start your haircutting process, first as usual wash your hair using a shampoo and maintain the hair damp during the process. Then take half inch hair in your forefinger and the middle finger, for cutting the hair with the scissors. Keep the scissors vertically down over your hair to cut the hair and continue the cutting process in the same manner around your head. Then collect half inch hair to cut it into triangular shape and now you will have various lengths of hair all over your head. Spread a small amount of hair gel over the hair using your fingers and concentrate mainly at the ends of your hair. Now take half inch hair part at the end and try to twist hair into points and there will be hair ends that will stay together slightly which can easily enhance your choppy look. Get some practice to cut the hair before applying this technique on your hair at home.

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