Steps To Grow Your Relaxed Hair

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Growing a relaxed hair that looks very fine requires few simple methods. You must give special attention to this type of hair as it will be chemically styled. Those who have a fine hair they will see their hair grow long during your maintenance. If your hair looks shiny, this is the best indication that it is healthy and never over process your hair.
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Always apply the hair relaxers that are specially developed for fine hair. Don’t leave the relaxer on your hair for more than the time mentioned on the kit. Wash the hair with normal shampoo that is provided along with the relaxer as other shampoo will cause damage to the hair. Don’t use touch up tools too much on your hair within a month to prevent hair damage. Try to cut the hair ends during your touch-up process. Always comb your hair using a wide tooth hair brush and leave the hair to dry on its own. This will help your hair to become strong and prevent breakage. Get your hair treated with hot oil at least once in 2 weeks. This treatment will help to make the hair look strong and use olive oil for better treatment to your hair. At last you can get help from a hair specialist if you are using the chemical hair relaxers. Consult the hairstylist before going for the hair relaxing treatment on the fine hair.

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