Hair Wrapping With Short Hair

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Hair wrapping can give a good look if you do it in a proper way. But the hair must be long enough to create the wrap over your head. Wrapping the short hair can be hard for most of the people and there are few steps that can be followed to achieve it in a perfect manner. Make sure to keep the tools ready before starting your styling which includes hooded dryer, leave-in conditioner, serum and brush.
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You can start the styling after washing your hair as usual and keep the hair slightly damp. Then spread a small amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair as it can be very much helpful during the hair wrapping process. The leave-in conditioner can also make your hair look soft as well as shiny. Next brush your hair from middle of the head straight down. Now comb the hair again in circular motion clockwise and move out of the hair to make a simple hive over your head. Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner over your hair at the back side of the head and brush the hair straight down. Place the hooded dryer with medium heat over your head for about one hour. Once the wrap becomes fully dry, try to apply a small amount of serum in your hand and spread it over the hair. Now you will be able to style the hair as you wish.

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