Pink With Punk Rock Look

pink rock hair pink rock hair2
Pink has styled her hair with punk rock look that is a perfect way of styling the hair if you want to get a unique look. This hairstyle can be worn by teens to make them look completely different and you must wear the perfect dress to make it look attractive. You can create this look by using your hands and few simple styling products such as hair gel, straightening iron.
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To get hairstyle such as Pink, first clean the hair and maintain it damp during the styling process. Next spray the hair with a texturizing spray and spread the hairspray all over the hair with the help of your fingers. Now take the blow dryer long with the paddle brush for making the hair dry. Move the dryer upward and sideways around your head to make the hair fully dry. Use the hairspray once again all over the hair and use a straightening iron over the hair by taking it outward. The hair must look fully straight, o place a mirror in front of you during the styling process. Now apply a small amount of gel in your hands and apply it over the hair and try to mix little amount of smoothing serum with the gel to make your hairstyling easy. Make sure to use the mixed product over the hair ends and move towards the root of your hair.

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