Maintaining Pixie Haircut With Any Poof

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A pixie haircut is the most liked hairstyle for most of the celebrities who have short hair. In case you are planning to create same type of hairstyle on your own, sometimes it may look slightly poofy. There are few things that must be taken care while styling your hair in this way. Make sure to apply a normal hair gel over your hair and style it using a comb.
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First go to a hairstylist to cut your hair in this manner and visit them on regular basis to maintain the pixie look in the same way. After getting the pixie haircut, try to comb your hair to make it free from knots as they are the main reason that can cause the poof in hair. The knots will easily come out if you simply brush them out with a comb when the hair is short. Mist the hair with water before styling it and brush the hair in their natural direction. At last apply a little amount of gel in your hands and spread it all over the hair. By applying the hair gel you will be able to create a texturized look in your hair and you can create a sleek look by applying more amount of gel over the hair. Just comb the hair as usual after using the gel to keep it in place without any poof look.

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