Steps To Create Choppy Ends In Your Hair

choppy ends choppy ends2
Creating choppy ends in the hair is a simple process that can be created to get a edgy look. The hair must be cut in an angle to achieve this look than cutting the hair straight across your head. Consult your hairstylist before cutting the hair at home and get the tools ready to begin the haircutting process. Just use the following method to get the choppy ends in your hair.
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To start your haircutting process, first as usual wash your hair using a shampoo and maintain the hair damp during the process. Then take half inch hair in your forefinger and the middle finger, for cutting the hair with the scissors. Keep the scissors vertically down over your hair to cut the hair and continue the cutting process in the same manner around your head. Then collect half inch hair to cut it into triangular shape and now you will have various lengths of hair all over your head. Spread a small amount of hair gel over the hair using your fingers and concentrate mainly at the ends of your hair. Now take half inch hair part at the end and try to twist hair into points and there will be hair ends that will stay together slightly which can easily enhance your choppy look. Get some practice to cut the hair before applying this technique on your hair at home.

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Long Lasting Hairstyle

long lasting hairstyle long lasting hairstyle2
To make a hairstyle to last long, you must follow few simple steps. Most of the people want to style their hair beautifully, but they will face problems to maintain them for a long time in the original shape. There are different things that can affect your hairstyle during the day. Here is a technique to make your hairstyle last long.
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long lasting hairstyle5 long lasting hairstyle6
First develop volume in your hair before creating the hairstyle using a shampoo and the hair conditioner. After washing your hair, try to dry it using the best method. Use the blow dryer over your hair by keeping it pointed upwards concentrating on the roots. You can also make the hair to fall frontwards by bending your head during the drying process. Now you can style the hair by misting the hair with hairspray and mainly mist the hair at its roots to maintain the hairstyle for a long time in the same way. There are also other hairstyling products such as gel that can be applied over your hair before making the hair straight using with flat iron. Try to style the hair that can give a fuss look, instead you can style the hair in such a way that it stays intact for a long time. Apply a small amount of silicone based gel over the hair roots and brush the hair gently to make the hairstyle long last.

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Cutting Hair Of A Toddler

toddler haircut toddler haircut2
Toddler haircut is not so easy to do at home as you need to get some practice before using the scissors. Toddler will normally have a very short hair and you must try to pull the hair out using your hands to cut them in a perfect way. Just give the toddler a simple haircut while doing this for the first time and you can experiment with different haircut after getting some good practice.
toddler haircut3 toddler haircut4

toddler haircut5 toddler haircut6
First make the toddler to sit on a chair and hand have him a toy or a book. Then cover him with a towel and mist the hair with water. Try to use warm water for misting the entire hair and this will make your haircutting process very simple. Start snipping the hair gently and try to cut only small amount of hair at one time. Cut the hair over your forehead and move around your ears as wells as near the neck of the toddler. You can also cut the hair around the face and cut the hair ends gently. It is not possible to cut the hair as per your wish as you are doing this at home, but the haircut will look good with some gentle cutting. At last comb the hair that has been cut and wash it as usual. Encourage the toddler during the haircut by talking which can make your work easier.

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Removing Brilliant Silver White From Hair

brilliant silver white brilliant silver white2
Brilliant silver white is a toning rinse that is used on the hair to reduce the brassy tones on the gray hair. Sometimes applying too much of this product on your hair can change its color to purple. Yellow tones are also known to be removed from hair after using product without using special methods. It is easy to get rid of this toner out of the hair with these steps.
brilliant silver white3 brilliant silver white4

brilliant silver white5 brilliant silver white6
To start first dampen your hair with water and wash it using a normal shampoo. By just rinsing your hair with water after the shampoo process can remove the brilliant silver white out of the hair. After this process look through your hair to look for any kind of purple tones and rinse the hair using a shampoo again. In case you are using another coat of Brilliant silver white on your hair, try to mix few amount of this product in a bowl of water and spread it over your hair. Now you will be able to style the hair as per your wish without rinsing the hair. The toner can easily come out of your hair during your next wash with the shampoo. Avoid using this product on black colored hair as it is known to cause staining over the cloth. There is a warning on the brilliant silver white packet about using this product on the black hair.

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Add Volume To Straight Hair With Diffuser

diffuser straight hair diffuser straight hair2
If you are planning to create more volume into your hair just use a diffuser along with a blow drying process. The diffuser is a simple attachment that is mostly used by the hairstylist. To use the diffuser on the straight hair, just follow this simple technique. The diffuser can be used on any type of hair starting from short to long and don’t use it after conditioning your hair.
diffuser straight hair3 diffuser straight hair4

diffuser straight hair5 diffuser straight hair6
After cleaning your hair try to dry it using a normal towel. Then apply a small amount curl-enhancing cream from end of your hair and move towards the root. Now take the blow dryer and attach the diffuser along with it. Use the blow dryer with low speed over the hair starting from the hair root in a circular motion very gently all over. Keep your hair dryer just over the head at 90 degree angle as it can add more volume into your hair. After the hair becomes dry on top the head slightly move to the hair ends by keeping the blow dryer in its original position. Now try to flip the hair slightly upside down for the drying process along with diffuser for another 1 minute. The diffuser can also be used to dry the hair that has been cut. Avoid using the diffuser and the blow dryer immediately after washing your hair as it can spoil your look.

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Ways To Use Got2b Glued On Your Hair

got2b glued got2b glued2
Got2b glued is a hairstyling product that is used to maintain the hair in a perfect shape. This hair gel is considered to be very strong when compared to other similar type of hairstyling products. It is also very easy to apply over your hair and can stay on the hair for a longer time during the day. The Got2b glued product can only be removed with the help of Got2b Unglued shampoo, so try to purchase it along with it.
got2b glued3 got2b glued4

got2b glued5 got2b glued6
To use the Got2b glued over your hair, first comb the hair to take the knots out. Avoid using the product without combing the hair as it can cause damage to it. Now take a small amount of Got2b glued product in your hands and spread it using your both the hands. Use the hands and fingers to spread the product evenly throughout your hair from top to end. Those who have thick hair must use lot of Got2b glued product to style their hair and others can use only little amount. At last mist the entire hair with Got2b blasting freeze hairspray to complete the process. You can also use the blow dryer all over your hair only if required. While removing the Got2b glued product from your hair, wash it using a Got2b Unglued shampoo. This shampoo features ingredients that can make your hair clean from the product easily.

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Styling Your Hair With Baby Powder

baby powder hair baby powder hair2
Baby powder can be a best styling product for your hair and it is also used by many hairstylists. This powder is known to be the actual dry shampoo that can take the oil out of your hair easily. The baby powder can be the best styling product if you have a blonde hair and other type of light colored hair. People with dark looking hair must spend additional time for styling their hair, so they can avoid using this powder during the styling process. Here is the method to use the baby powder on your hair for styling it in a perfect way.
baby powder hair3 baby powder hair4

baby powder hair5 baby powder hair6
In this styling process you must keep your hands clean and take the baby powder for shaking it well. Then take the baby powder in your hands and start massaging it over your hair from the roots till the end of your hair. Try to apply the powder mainly near your crown area and at the back of your ears. Start combing the hair from its roots to the hair ends using the natural-bristle comb. Make sure apply the powder evenly all over your hair. Combing your hair can help the powder to get absorbed easily into your hair creating more volume. Now the hair will become free from the natural oil produced by the hair. Try to style the hair as per your wish after this process.

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Feminine Hairstyle

feminine hairstyle feminine hairstyle2
Feminine hairstyle is a very unique style that can look very difficult to create. There is a method that must be followed to achieve this hairstyle at home. You must know how to make a part in your hair in front of the head. This is a perfect hairstyle while attending a special event. Use hair accessories to make your feminine hairstyle look beautiful. You can also wear a beautiful looking hair pin to secure your hair in place.
feminine hairstyle3 feminine hairstyle4

feminine hairstyle5 feminine hairstyle6
Next take the remaining hair to create a ponytail just near your middle point over your head. Use a ponytail holder to secure the ponytail tightly. Now brush your hair from the ponytail to create volume into the hair. Divide your hair into two parts for twisting it to create a simple bun and do the same with the other hair section. Make sure that your second hair section comes over the middle part of the bun. Tuck your hair ends into the bun and hold the hair in your hand. Try to pull the remaining hair at the back of your head and wrap it over the bun. Secure your hair using with a pin and use the same technique over the other section of your hair to create a focus around your face. You must also wrap the ends of your hair around and secure it in place with a pin.

feminine hairstyle7 feminine hairstyle8

Using Clippers To Cut Neckline

trim neckline trim neckline2
While using the clipper to get the haircut, it is important to trim the hair near your neckline. Here is a technique that can help while getting the clipper cut done in your hair by trimming the neckline hair. You can just use the clippers to cut the neckline. Try to cover your shoulders with a waste cloth to make the hair to fall over it.
trim neckline3 trim neckline4

trim neckline5 trim neckline6
Try to follow your natural hairline while using the clippers to adjust the neckline. Get help from a friend while cutting the neckline as it can be difficult for you to do it alone. Try to keep the head straight and move the clippers along with your hairline. Maintain your head as straight as possible during the styling process to prevent a bad haircut which can happen very easily. You can also remove your cape and the hair that is below the collar. Be very careful while using the neck trimmers and try to move it around your ears as well to make the haircut look neat. Don’t remove too much of hair near your ear as it can spoil you neckline. Have a look at the entire neckline to see that it looks perfect in a straight line before moving onto the next step. At last remove the cloth that was placed around the shoulders and wash the hair as usual to end the process.

trim neckline7 trim neckline8

Applying Color On Your Hair Roots

color hair roots color hair roots2
Coloring the roots of your hair requires special technique to prevent the hairstyle from looking bad. There is a special way of coloring the hair roots without visiting a saloon. Make sure that your hair is free from dust and clean it following normal procedure. Also wear hand gloves before starting the coloring process. Try to follow the procedure mentioned on the coloring kit while applying it over your hair.
color hair roots3 color hair roots4

color hair roots5 color hair roots6
To start first try to dry the hair as usual using a hair dryer and mix the color in a bowl by following the instructions carefully. Start spreading the color on your damp hair from one side and gently move to other side. Apply color over your hair strands over the hair and also over your scalp. After applying the color over your hair and also saturate the hair roots. The entire coloring process will take about half an hour for the first time. In case you want to enhance the color over the hair, try to use a shine serum. Avoid using hair oil during the coloring process as it can make your styling time more. Let the color on your hair for the time mentioned on the coloring product before washing it as usual. Don’t leave the color on your hair for a long time without washing as it can make your hair color look dark as well as bad.

color hair roots7 color hair roots8