Treating Hair Loss Due To Lupus

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Lupus is one of such disease that can cause hair loss at some point. The hair loss that is related to lupus occurs in different forms such as patchy hair fall, hair loss all over the head and more. Apart from losing hair due to lupus, hair loss can also occur during its treatment. There are ways to deal with the hair loss while suffering from lupus. It is important to consult a doctor before dealing with the hair loss that happens due to the lupus disease.
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First you must access the hair loss such as hair loss all over your head is common in lupus and patchy hair fall that can occur due to scalp rash. You can make the hair fall that happens around the head when the disease is treated and the hair will start to grow again in the same area over your head. But patchy hair fall is difficult to deal with as it will damage your hair follicles permanently. Try to control the lupus disease in order to solve your hair loss issue and don’t just give attention to your hair fall. It is important to follow a healthy diet to prevent lupus and hair loss. You must do exercise for at least half an hour in a day and also consume lot of fruits, vegetables, etc. Stay away from sun during the day or you can also wear sunscreen daily as the ultraviolet light are linked in causing the lupus flares.

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