Rachelle Lefevre’s Crinkled Hairstyle

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Rachelle Lefevre has got a crinkled hairstyle that can look great for those who have a curly hair. It is a very beautiful way of creating a hairstyle which is suitable for a special occasion. Here is a technique to get her hairstyle without getting support from anyone. Avoid using too much of hairstyling products over your hair during the styling process as it can spoil your look. Don’t dry your hair fully while styling the hair as it can prevent you from getting this hairstyle.
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To Rachelle Lefevre crinkled hairstyle, there is a way that must be followed which is called as braiding method. First wash your hair a day before beginning your styling process and condition it properly without fail. In the next day, try to blow dry the hair roots without touching your hair strands to make it dry. Brush the hair as make it easily manageable and create French braid with your hair which must be slightly loose. If required you can also apply a little amount of hair serum all over the strands to prevent the frizzy look. Make sure that the serum is not spread too much over the hair as can make the hair look greasy. Now you must sleep with your braids on and in the next morning you can take the braids out. Now you can see the crinkled look in your hair that can be styled as per your wish.

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