Face Framing Haircut For Square Face

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Face framing hair can be achieved with a simple haircut that can be done at home without going to a saloon. Before creating the face framing haircut, you must make sure that you have the correct facial shape to make it look good. Each facial shape can be made to look good with different haircutting techniques. First know your facial shape which will normally be square, round, heart, oval and long. Just follow the method to create the face framing hair with a square face.
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First you must try to frame the hair layers till the chin length which can make your face look completely soft. It will also help to cover the strong jawline and the layers in your hair will start only from your chin. You can also create curl as well as waves in this hairstyle that can frame your face. It is also possible to create this look without cutting the hair using waves and the curls in your hair. By doing this hairstyle without a cut, it may look as though you have added more layers into it that can soften your jawline. Consult a hair specialist if you are cutting the hair for the first time to create the face framing layers. Once you have cut the hair, it will take some time to grow long, so it is better to get tips from the hairstylist.

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