Katie Holmes With Flapper Bob

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Katie Holmes is wearing a flapper bob that is a very unique way of styling the hair and it has been a popular hairstyle from a very long time. Anyone can create this look with their hair within few minutes at home without consulting any hair specialist. To get Katie Holmes look, clean the entire hair using a normal shampoo and don’t forget to rinse it fully.
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Then make seven parts in your hair all over the head and leave just 1/4 hair all around the head such as right of your head, left side of your head, at the left crown, at the right crown, on top of the head top, near your left nape and near the right nape. Comb your hair near the front part over one side of your head and try to cut it as per your desire. Leave the cut hair to hang on its own and go to the back part of your head to match with the front part of your hair that was cut. Start cutting the hair section at the back  about 1 inch long which will be used as a guide for cutting the hair from back of the head and moving towards front section. Loosen your nape hair section half inch and comb it properly before cutting the hair as per your desire. Use the same cutting technique on the hair that at left, right, near left crown, near right crown and top of your head.

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Prevent Dry Hair After Using Demi-Permanent Color

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Applying a demi-permanent color on your hair can make it look dry most of the time. But there is s simple step which must be followed while using the demi-permanent color on hair to prevent this. Here is simple method that is also followed by many hairstylists to prevent the dryness caused by the demi-permanent color.
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Demi-permanent color is considered to stay a little longer on the hair when compared to semi-permanent color as it easily gets deeply into the hair strands. There are different brands of demi-permanent color available in stores, but you can follow the same technique on all of them to prevent the dry look in your hair. In the same way there are also various products available in the store that can be applied to maintain your colored hair without any dryness. First you must purchase a moisturizing product that contains silk proteins as well as hydrolyzed proteins as they can help in treating the dryness in your hair. After purchasing the product try to apply it gently all over the hair or just following instructions on the kit. Make sure it is covered all over the hair strands that have been colored with demi-permanent hair coloring product. Whenever you use the demi-permanent color on your hair, try to apply a little amount of moisturizing product over it before ending the styling process to prevent dry looking hair.

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Caring For Blonde Hair

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Having a blonde hair needs extra care as they can easily get damaged. Treating a blonde hair needs additional effort that can be done by following few simple styling steps. Most of the people who have blonde hair can follow this method to keep it healthy.
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Avoid making your hair blonde by using different types of hair colors available in the market. You can also make your hair look blonde naturally by sitting under the sun. Always get a deep-conditioning process done on your hair on regular basis by using olive oil to maintain it soft. While washing your hair avoid using shampoos at the hair ends as it can make them look messy. Just use the shampoo on top of your hair and just leave the ends as it is. Avoid using hairstyling products too much on your blonde hair as they can weigh down your hair. Use products such as leave-in cream all over the hair from top to end to make it look shiny, but don’t over use it. Go to a saloon to get haircuts on regular basis to maintain the blonde hair healthy. If you don’t want to cut the hair, try to cut just the hair ends to keep it healthy. Don comb the hair too much as it can cause breakage and even split ends. In case you want to comb your hair use a brush with natural bristles.

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Dealing With Perm Sores Over Your Scalp

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Perm sores caused on your scalp can be irritating for everyone. The hair perms are normally done by using chemicals that can cause scalp burns as well as hair damage. There are ways to treat the perm sores on your scalp without going to a hair specialist. Try to follow this process till your scalp recovers from the sores. After this also you face the same problem, consult a doctor immediately.
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First you must clean the scalp using a normal shampoo such as baby shampoo which can prevent the hair from irritation that can occur if your use strong shampoos. Then rinse your hair just with the lukewarm water and apply a hair conditioner all over. Let the hair conditioner stay on your hair for at least fifteen minutes and rinse your hair for the second time. Leave your hair to dry on its own and avoid using heat styling tools. Using heat on your hair can make the problem worse and make sure to use serum instead of heat styling tools. Try to comb your hair with wide tooth brush to make the serum to spread entirely over your scalp as well as the hair. Now you can use healing ointment specially made to be used on the perm sores on your scalp. Make sure to follow the directions mentioned on the scalp while using the healing ointment on your scalp.

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Scarlett Johansson With Victory Rolls

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Scarlett Johansson is wearing the most popular hairstyle that is the victory rolls. It has been one of the most worn hairstyle during the 1940s and most of the celebrities wear it even in the present day. Here is a way to get Scarlett Johansson hairstyle, the victory rolls. While creating this hairstyle, the rolls may not look symmetrical, you can leave it just like that to create a natural look.
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First make a simple part in your hair and create a normal ponytail. Then take the loose hair and make a simple part in the middle of your head. Secure the half of the hair down and brush front layer of your hair to make it smooth. Try to roll your hair around the fingers to create a loop and slip the fingers out gently. Now you can tuck your hair inside the simple loop. Keep your hair secured and try to roll it inwards of your head. After reaching the scalp, try to spread your loop to make a simple roll shape. Secure the rolls in place using a pin. There will be one roll ready over the head and do the same on the other side of your head. At last curl the hair at the back and finger comb the hair. Use the pins to secure the rolls by placing them under and end the styling after misting it with a spray.

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Face Framing Haircut For Square Face

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Face framing hair can be achieved with a simple haircut that can be done at home without going to a saloon. Before creating the face framing haircut, you must make sure that you have the correct facial shape to make it look good. Each facial shape can be made to look good with different haircutting techniques. First know your facial shape which will normally be square, round, heart, oval and long. Just follow the method to create the face framing hair with a square face.
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First you must try to frame the hair layers till the chin length which can make your face look completely soft. It will also help to cover the strong jawline and the layers in your hair will start only from your chin. You can also create curl as well as waves in this hairstyle that can frame your face. It is also possible to create this look without cutting the hair using waves and the curls in your hair. By doing this hairstyle without a cut, it may look as though you have added more layers into it that can soften your jawline. Consult a hair specialist if you are cutting the hair for the first time to create the face framing layers. Once you have cut the hair, it will take some time to grow long, so it is better to get tips from the hairstylist.

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Hairstyle With Blonde Black Color

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Blonde black color can give a very unique as well as dramatic look to your hair. There are many celebrities who color their hair in this way to look completely different. You must follow this simple method to color your hair and make it blonde black.
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First you must select the blonde coloring kit suitable for your hair. In case your hair is naturally blonde, try to lighten it slightly and others can follow the instruction on the kit. Those who don’t have a blonde hair must color their entire hair with blonde color. It is better to get help from a hairstylist if you don’t have a naturally blonde hair color. Now select the tone of your black color which can be high or low depending upon your look. Then comb the hair to make separate a section of hair horizontally over the head in straight line and make the remaining hair part to stay down. Now secure the hair on top of the head using a ponytail holder and cover the horizontal part using aluminum foil. Start coloring the bottom section of the hair without touching the top part. Once the bottom hair section has been covered with black color, leave it on for the time mentioned in the instructions and rinse it as usual. Finally remove the ponytail holder from the top section to make your hair fall on its own.

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Using No Lye Relaxer On Your Hair

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No lye relaxer is a tool that has been specially designed to make the Afro-American hair straight. This tool must be used on your hair with extra care as it can cause damage not only to your hair, but to the scalp also if not used properly. No lye relaxers usually feature guanidine hydroxide that makes it one of the strongest hair relaxer. The no lye relaxer can be the best option for styling your hair at home. Due to this, the hair can get easily damaged if you don’t follow a proper technique for using it.
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The guanidine hydroxide used in the no lye relaxer is similar to the sodium hydroxide that is available in the lye relaxer. The pH balance is available in both the relaxers which are useful in making the hairstyling process faster, but the over-processing risk is more in it. To use the no lye relaxer, you must follow a particular method. You must mix both the creme as well as liquid part together and it must be used as for one time on the hair. It is not possible to store the left out product in the container for using it on the hair later when compared to the lye relaxer which can be used more than once. You must take some extra precautionary measure before deciding to use the no lye relaxer on your hair.

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Styling Hair With Wen Products

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Wen products include different types of styling items such as styling creme, intensive repair mask and cleansing conditioner. The wen products are available with natural ingredients that features mostly herbs and it can be used for make your hair moisturized as well as strong. To get the best results out of the wen products, you must make sure to follow the right method for using it over the hair and don’t over use any of the products.
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To use the wen product on your hair, first rinse it and apply the cleansing conditioner over your hair from the scalp and move gently at the hair ends. Mist the hair with water which can help in spreading the product easily throughout your hair. Try to massage the hair after applying the cleansing conditioner which can make it to enter into your hair shaft very easily. Next use a wide-tooth brush to comb your hair to make it spread all over the hair strands and leave your hair as it is for about 5 minutes before getting it rinsed as usual. Now apply a small amount of cleansing conditioner again over your hair and spread it all over from top to bottom. Now you can style your hair by using styling creme by applying it gently throughout the hair. You can dry the hair with a blow dryer or leave it to dry on its own.

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Treating A Burn Caused By Flat Iron

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Using a flat iron on your for styling it can be a risky process as it can cause damage to the hair as well as your skin. You must give extra care while using the flat iron on your hair as it should not touch your skin as it can easily get burnt. In case you have faced a burning issue with the flat iron, try to give attention to your burnt skin immediately. The flat iron burn are known to be of first-degree that can only leave a redness or pain on your skin and if you find it more severe, consult a doctor.
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First you must press the burnt area with a cloth which must be drenched with cold water. Try to press it against your skin for about 5 minutes. Then use a burn cream on the area where you find discomfort and do this on regular basis until the problem gets solved. There are also few tablets available for treating the pain caused by the burn that can be consumed to get some comfort. You can also use a moisturizing lotion over the burnt area on the skin when there are no signs of the burn. Avoid using any kind of styling products on the burnt area as they can cause more irritation and use a cream that can take out the dry skin from the affected area if required.

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