Christiano Ronaldo – Word Cup 2014 Hairstyle



Be it on or off the football field, Christiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro or Christiano Ronaldo as he is popularly known is always in middle of the news. This handsome 29 year old star footballer is gearing up for the upcoming world cup in Brazil and hopes to bring laurels to his country and fans.

Ronaldo 1




His trendy hairstyles and amazing fashion sense has always kept him in the news. He is seen sporting a slick hairstyle while preparing for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil and fans are hoping that he impresses them with his performance as much as with his new hairstyle.

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Top 5 Celebrity Weird Hairstyles

A good hairstyle is something that will catch everyone’s attention. It is something that complements your personality and has got a major effect in determining your overall look. However, sometimes you don’t get it right and are caught in an embarrassing situation, especially if you are a known superstar. Following is the list of top weird hairstyles of famous celebs ever caught on camera.

Natalie Dormer

2 Dormie1

This beautiful blonde who featured in Game of Thrones is one of the best dressed celebs. However, she was in the news for all the wrong reasons when she showed up at SAG Awards like this. You may call it an act of bravery or a hairstyle gone band but her chipping dyne and styling went terribly wrong. She has got beautiful hairs but her half visible scalp surely reduced her sex appeal.


Rihanna rihanna 2

She may have charmed millions of people around the world with her lovely voice and nice looks, however she didn’t get as good response as she expected from her hairstyles. Even though Riri is known to experiment a lot with her hairstyles and change them often, the one that is seen above made her into the wrong headlines. The Crayola Red color on her curly hairs seemed like a wig. It was not only the color that seems quite weird but also major curls, which imparted a fake look of her natural hairs.

Drew Barrymore

Drew1 Drew 2

This was one of the rare moments where the popularity of Drew Barrymore took a hit and she became a subject of mockery. There was nothing wrong with the combination of the colors, however the pattern in which it was done seemed hilarious. The uniform colored hair didn’t go well with her beautiful face and she had to switch to another hairstyle quickly.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston3 Aniston 2

Jennifer Aniston is always seen as a great fashion icon. Her beautiful figure and girl next door looks always had a special corner for her in the hearts of her fans. However, during the Emmy red carpet in 1999, this beautiful blonde donned unusual dreadlocks and looked like an haute hippie. Her curls got more complex and spoiled here entire look.

Gwen Stefani

gwen 1 gwayne

This hairstyle of Gwen Stefani is going to be included in this list for quite some time now. She had donned it during the MTV Music Awards, giving her fans and paparazzi a shock of their lifetime. No doubt that she is one of the most beautiful women on this planet, but certainly the blue buns with a bindi and this hairstyle didn’t go well with her.


Jim Carrey – Top 3 Hairstyles

This legendary actor gave us some of the most hilarious scenes in Hollywood movies and is a great style icon. Following are his top three hairstyles that he has kept over the years.

Short Straight Formal

Jim 13


jim 12

It gave him a sexy look. The length around the sized and top was left long enough to add volume to it. This hairstyle looked apt on his long face.

Medium Straight Casual

Jim 2



jim 34

The length of hairs was kept quit long on the sides so that they fall over his ears. The layers were then cropped flat so as to make a contour on his head. This look got along well with his beard.

Short Straight Casual


Jim 3


This clean and tidy hairstyle suited Jim really well. It didn’t require any major styling or maintaining and is ideal for people who are on the go.

David Beckham: Top Three Hairstyles

David Beckham is not only a renowned sporting personality of the world but also a great fashion icon. Even though he has announced his retirement from the field of professional soccer, his looks and hairstyles are still hot trends for people around the world. During his professional career, he was seen sporting various hairstyles and it will not be wrong to say that his hairstyles garnered as much attention or maybe even more as his goals did. Following is the list of the top three hairstyles of this football legend.
The Wet Casual Look


He had kept this hairstyle for long and always managed to stun the pretty ladies with it. In this hairdo, the back as well as the sides of the hairs were cut quite short, so as to provide a cleaner and neat insight, whereas hair at the center were kept long and jagged cut so as to provide a textured look to this handsome man. The stubble complimented this slightly rusty look of this fashion icon. This hairstyle suits people with thin and long face.
The Short Casual Look


On several formal occasions, David is seen sporting this smooth and formal hairstyle. Similar to the above one the sides as well as rear of the head are cropped short. The length of the hair in the middle is kept long enough so that they can easily be combed to the ends for a slick finish. The use of hair products is recommended for this hair style in order to maintain the slick finish. It’s suited for men having oval, round and rectangular faces.
The Long Messy Look


This messy hairstyle of David is more suitable for causal occasions. He kept his hairs long and created this design using blonde lock. The length of the hairs shall be till shoulders and then should be cut into angled layers. This hairstyle is more suited for people having thin to medium hair thickness. In order to get this hairstyle perfectly, one needs to comb his hair perfectly and dry them naturally. Managing this hairstyle is not as easy as it seems and a lot of attention and time has to be given to styling.
David Beckham garnered a lot of attention of his fans and media all around the world because of his hairstyles mentioned above. Till date, he continues to be a great fashion icon and he still continues to experiment with his hairdos.

Some of the other popular hairstyles of David Beckham include:-