Using Weave To Create Hair Braids

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Styling your hair like the braid using a weave can give a unique look and it is mostly liked by African-American women. This hairstyle can be achieved using single braids to get a classic look and it can be used to create other types of hairstyle also. It is a perfect hairstyle for a casual event and creating this hairstyle can be a difficult process.
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First divide weave into one small section which should separate the hair into a section about one square inch. Take the rest of your weave and secure it with a hair band to keep it away during the styling process. Now take a small section of hair and divide it into three equal sections. Hold it in your right hand, take middle section in between the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Take the section at the far left between your thumb and forefinger of the left hand. Cross the section at the left over the middle section and take it under the crook of the middle finger, then moving the middle section to the left hand. Use the new middle section to go in between your thumb and forefinger, then cross it at the far right over the middle section. Continue the braiding process until you reach the end of the hair and use the same method to braid other sections that were secured earlier.

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Preparing Natural Shampoo At Home

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Creating a natural hair shampoo is the best way to prevent damage caused to the hair with the chemical products. There are different techniques that can be used to create the natural shampoo for your hair at home. Most of the people prefer homemade hairstyling products, but they will not have an idea about preparing them. The daily used hair product is the shampoo that is very easy to prepare with natural items.
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The first option is using chamomile tea about 6 bags in a bowl and boil it for about 15 minutes and add 4 tbsp pure soap flakes into it. Then mix 1 1/2 tbsp pure vegetable glycerin into the bowl and mix it completely. Once the mixture in your bowl becomes cool, try to apply it over the hair like a shampoo. The second option is 1/4 cup warm water in a bowl and mix 1/4 cup liquid castile soap. Include 1/2 tsp olive oil into the bowl and mix them perfectly. You can use this product on the hair instead of a shampoo as usual. The third option is taking 1/4 cup liquid castile soap along with 1/4 cup aloe vera serum in a bowl. Then 1 tbsp mix pure vegetable glycerin along with 1/4 tbsp avocado oil into the bottle and try to shake it well. Now the mixture can be applied over the hair than using the shampoo.

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Steps To Get Parted Hair Bangs

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Parted hair bangs is one of the easiest ways of styling your hair in a quick time. There will be bangs in this hairstyle that will be parted in the middle of your head and it is a versatile style which can be paired along with hair down for a casual look. Many celebrities like to wear this hairstyle in case they have a long hair which makes easy to maintain and to create it. To create this style, first try to have at least medium to length hair. Just follow this simple way to achieve this style at home without getting any help.
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To get parted hair bangs, begin the hairstyling process by spreading a little amount of straightening balm all over the bangs after cleaning them on a damp hair. Use your fingers starting from the center of your forehead through the bangs and separate the hair into half. Start curling one half of the bangs with a round brush by keeping it next to your forehead and brush it toward the face. Use a blow dryer and dry the hair by pulling it through the bangs to make the hair curl inward. Clamp the flat iron on one half of your bangs near the scalp and then slowly draw it down your hair. Spread a little amount of smooth motion and each half of the bangs and follow the same process on the other bangs too.

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Taking Care Of Thin Hair By Parting

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Having a thin hair can give a bad look and it can be adjusted by simply parting the hair to one side of your head. Everyone will face this issue in some part of their like and they will struggle to change their look. Just use this method for parting the hair which is thin without causing any damage to your hair.
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To start your process first clean the hair with the help of volumizing shampoo and try to condition the hair as usual. Avoid using the hairstyling products as it can make your hair to easily weigh down. Use a towel for drying your hair and apply a small amount of volumizing product all over your hair before combing it with wide tooth hair brush. Now you must use the hair dryer for drying your hair with low or medium heat. Try to flip your entire hair down while you continue the drying process. Use hair dryer over the hair strands from top to end over the head. Try to make the part in a line where it must run at the front of your head and then move at the middle. Then back comb your left out hair to make it look voluminous. At last you can apply hair color only if needed to cover the scalp and mist the entire hair with a flexible spray to keep the hair in place.

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Creating Fusion Extensions At Home

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Fusion extensions are not so popular hair weaving method as it features coating ends of the extensions with glue that will be attached to your hair. It is considered to consume too much of time when compared to other weaving techniques. Here is s method to create fusion extensions at home. Make sure to get some help from a friend while doing this at home as it can be a difficult process for the first time.
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First keep parchment paper on the ground and cut the keratin glue sticks as small parts. Make sure the cut keratin glue sticks is able to fit in the melting pot. Try to keep the keratin glue stick in the melting pot to make the glue to melt. Then cut the small parts of your weave and wear fusion guards in your fingers so it can prevent the hot glue from falling on your hands. Now take the small section of your hair and dip it inside the glue that has been melted. Then immediately start rolling it in between the fingers to create the sharp point. Place your fusion extension over parchment paper to make it dry completely. Follow the same technique on the remaining fusion extensions to end the process. Always take small amount of extensions while styling it in this way to prevent a messy looking hair at the end of the process.

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Taking Care Of Damaged Extensions

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Damaged extensions normally occur due to excessive hairstyling using various tools. The damaged extensions will look very dry as well as dull that can become uncontrollable sometime. You can follow a particular technique with the help of moisturizing oil for treating the hair extensions that have been damaged. Use this treatment on the hair extension at least once in a week to achieve better result.
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First take the hair extensions and apply shampoo all over. Then rinse it using normal water and condition with a standard hair conditioner. Next you can dry it using a towel by simply blotting it. Now take the moisturizing oil in a bowl and heat it by just placing it in a bowl of hot water for 3 minutes. Make sure that the moisturizing oil doesn’t become too hot as it can damage the hair extension. Start spreading the moisturizing oil over the extensions using your fingers and gently massage it to make sure that it has been applied perfectly all over. Brush the hair extension using a comb and cover it using the shower cap for 5 minutes. Then take the shower cap out of the hair extensions and rinse it using warm water. Let the hair extensions dry on their own. You can also mix sweet almond along with 2-3 tbsp olive oil and hot oil for treating the hair extensions in the same way.

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Steps To Wash Hair Follicles At Home

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Cleaning the follicles in your hair requires special technique. Hair follicles can get clogged due to various reasons on the scalp that needs special treatment. You can clean the follicles by sitting at home using few simple natural products. Try to follow a particular diet which must include vegetables as well as fruits on daily basis to maintain the scalp healthy. This can help in balancing the hormones and immune system.
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First take saw palmetto in a bowl and spread it over the scalp. Leave it on for just twenty minutes before washing the hair with the shampoo and applying a hair conditioner. Another option is mixing 1 tbsp of salt along with 2 tbsp of warm water and apply it over the scalp just like massaging. This process will help in making the follicles unclogged without any special treatments. You can also try applying a small amount of lemon juice over your scalp and massage it gently before rinsing the hair with cold water. After this you must use the regular shampoo for washing the hair and condition it properly. Another method is taking apple cider vinegar and mixing it with water for massaging it over the scalp before shampoo washing the hair. If you don’t want to use any of these techniques to open the hair follicles, just get into shower with hot water and the steam will open it.

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Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Treatment

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Cholesterol conditioning treatment is one of the most used treatments for treating damaged hair. The hair that gets damaged after the coloring process and heat-styling can also be treated with the cholesterol treatment. This type of treatment has been used from a very long time to make the hair soft as well as moisturized. There are different types of cholesterol treatments available and you can select the conditioning treatment as the best choice as it can be done at home.
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The cholesterol conditioning treatment will be used on the hair and it must left for about 15 minutes. Then the hair will be covered with plastic cap or try to wrap the hair with normal towel that is slightly warm. You can also use the hooded dryer on top your hair. In case you have over processed your hair too much try to leave the treatment on for a long time. Most of the cholesterol conditioning treatments will feature olive oil and some of them will also add the oil in the product for better result. Now your hair will start to look shiny as well as smooth. The cholesterol treatment is normally followed by people with particular hair type such as Afro-American hair and different treatments are available for other types of hair. There is no need to consult a hairstylist while getting the conditioning treatment done at home as it is a simple process.

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Taking Care Of Burnt Scalp

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Burnt scalp can give a hard time for everyone and it normally occurs due to various styling tools. Most of the people try to style their hair at home using chemical relaxers, coloring products and more that can lead to scalp burns. There are different methods that can be helpful in treating the scalp burns at home.
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Wash the hair using mild shampoos along with hair conditioners. Use slightly warm water for rinsing the hair and don’t use medicated shampoos as they can cause more irritation to the scalp. Apply oil that features vitamin E on the burnt scalp area over your head at least two times in a day as it can moisturize the scalp very soon. Also try using aloe vera hair gel for treating the burns on your scalp and it can be used for other problems related to skin. Aloe vera hair gel can be purchased at a store near you and make sure it contains natural products. Font use hairstyling products such as petroleum jelly as they will fail to enter into the scalp without treating the burns. Also stay away from hairspray and hairstyling products that feature alcohol for treating the burnt scalp. Comb the hair after treating the scalp perfectly and use only your fingers to style the hair. Always select organic products for treating the scalp fast as it is known to be harmless.

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Steps To Prevent Hair Breakage With Castor Oil

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Castor oil is a product that can be applied on the hair for various reasons and it can also prevent hair breakage. The hair can maintain its original quality if your applying the castor oil over it. There is a particular method that is important to be followed while applying the castor oil over the hair. Some of the people would want to prevent their hair breakage by using hairstyling products that are costly, but this technique can help them in getting a perfect solution for hair breakage without spending any money as well as time by visiting a saloon.
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First take castor oil in your hand for spreading it all over your hair from top to end. You can also use the fingers to make the castor to spread throughout the hair. Simply run the fingers into your hair and gently massage it from the root to tips of your hair. Another way to spread the castor oil all over the hair is by using a wide tooth hair brush. Just comb the hair with wide tooth brush just like doing it with the fingers and make sure that the oil is spread to your entire hair. Do this on regular basis to maintain the hair healthy and also to prevent hair breakage. Don’t use any other styling products while using the castor oil over the hair as it may not work properly.

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