Straight Hair With Dreadlock Twist

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A dreadlock twist is a perfect option to change the normal hairstyle into a beautiful and unique looking hairstyle. You must follow a particular styling method to achieve this look and this style can be created with any type of hair. Here are few steps that can be helpful in creating the dreadlock twist with a straight hair. In case you want to create this hairstyle with a fully straight hair, try to create braids and crimps to keep the styling process simple.
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First apply a hair conditioner that is suitable for your hairstyle after washing it fully and dry the hair as usual. Then take a hair section at the back of your neck and keep the remaining hair secure using a hair clip. Now backcomb your hair section with the help of a normal hair brush at least 2-3 times. Take half tbsp wax which is slightly warm in your fingers for using over the base of your dreadlock in a twist motion. Do this from top to end of your hair section very gently and you can also use more wax to make the hairstyle look perfect. Try to hold the dreadlock in between the hands and roll it up as well as down to make it look like a snake which will make the lock to twist completely. Now take another section of hair adjacent to your first twisted hair section and use the same method over it.

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Steps To Grow Relaxed Hair

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Making the hair relaxed can be a difficult process and in case you are trying to grow your hair naturally relaxed it can give a hard time. Most of the people usually prefer to relax their hair using chemicals, but you can also achieve it naturally. Here is a method to grow relaxed hair without using any hairstyling products go to a hairstyling for better hair growth.
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Try using the hair relaxer made especially for the fine textured hair such as mild relaxers as they feature low levels of straightening chemical. Don’t use touch up products more than one time in six months as it can damage the hair permanently. Also don leave the relaxer on your hair for a long time as it can easily effect your hair growth. Always comb the hair using wide tooth brush after dividing it into different parts. Make the hair to dry naturally or you can also use loose curlers to prevent any kind of damages. Give the hair sometime to repair naturally without using any products before styling it with heating tools. Get hot oil treatment one in 2 weeks which can make your hair shaft stronger and use the same treatment on the hair a day before going for chemical treatment. You can select olive oil for getting the hot oil treatment as it is known to be the best natural product or there are also other products that are available in a local store.

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Methods To Revive A Damaged Straight Hair

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Hair can be damaged due to various styling methods such as perming, coloring, heat styling or more. The straight hair can get damaged very easily due to the heat use for styling it. Reviving a damaged straight hair will usually take months of time as you must do it very delicately with additional care. You can follow these simple steps to maintain the damaged straight hair properly.
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The first option is cutting the hair which has split ends which can prevent further damage to your hair. Don’t wash the hair very often as it can remove the natural oil present in the hair. In case you want to wash the hair use moisturizing shampoo which can help to treat the damaged hair. After cleaning the hair, try to apply a deep hair conditioner which can help to seal the hair shaft by closing your hair cuticles. Make the deep conditioner to sit on the hair for at least half an hour before rinsing it normally. You can also use leave-in hair conditioner on daily basis to keep the hair ends away from splitting. It can also give extra moisture to the hair locks that can help to revive your damaged hair. When your hair gets tangled or you find knots in the hair, try to comb them very gently using wide tooth hair brush. Follow all these steps on regular basis to revive the straight hair to its original position if it is damaged.

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Straight Remy Hair With Curls

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A Remy straight hair can be styled in different ways and the best way to make it look good is by creating curls. The Remy hair can be a perfect hair for using it along with the natural hair as it has been developed using the human hair. In case you are planning to create curls in the Remy hair that is straight, try to follow these simple steps. Try to create large curls by using big barrel along with the curling iron and small barrel can be used to achieve short curls that are much easier than the long one.
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First brush the hair as per your wish and mist the entire hair with a spray that can protect it from heat produced from the curling iron which will be used for styling. The hairspray will prevent the hair from getting any kind of damage. Divide a section of hair that will be used in the barrel of your curling iron with the help of fine-tooth hair brush. Now take the curling iron with its clamp opened and roll its tip into the Remy hair in the barrel. Try to roll your curling iron from end to the scalp and keep it in for about ten second. Then you can open the clamp from the hair make it fall on its own. Use the same technique to create the curls all over the hair and finally use your fingers for combing the hair.

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