Prevent Dry Hair After Using Demi-Permanent Color

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Applying a demi-permanent color on your hair can make it look dry most of the time. But there is s simple step which must be followed while using the demi-permanent color on hair to prevent this. Here is simple method that is also followed by many hairstylists to prevent the dryness caused by the demi-permanent color.
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Demi-permanent color is considered to stay a little longer on the hair when compared to semi-permanent color as it easily gets deeply into the hair strands. There are different brands of demi-permanent color available in stores, but you can follow the same technique on all of them to prevent the dry look in your hair. In the same way there are also various products available in the store that can be applied to maintain your colored hair without any dryness. First you must purchase a moisturizing product that contains silk proteins as well as hydrolyzed proteins as they can help in treating the dryness in your hair. After purchasing the product try to apply it gently all over the hair or just following instructions on the kit. Make sure it is covered all over the hair strands that have been colored with demi-permanent hair coloring product. Whenever you use the demi-permanent color on your hair, try to apply a little amount of moisturizing product over it before ending the styling process to prevent dry looking hair.

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Hairstyle With Blonde Black Color

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Blonde black color can give a very unique as well as dramatic look to your hair. There are many celebrities who color their hair in this way to look completely different. You must follow this simple method to color your hair and make it blonde black.
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First you must select the blonde coloring kit suitable for your hair. In case your hair is naturally blonde, try to lighten it slightly and others can follow the instruction on the kit. Those who don’t have a blonde hair must color their entire hair with blonde color. It is better to get help from a hairstylist if you don’t have a naturally blonde hair color. Now select the tone of your black color which can be high or low depending upon your look. Then comb the hair to make separate a section of hair horizontally over the head in straight line and make the remaining hair part to stay down. Now secure the hair on top of the head using a ponytail holder and cover the horizontal part using aluminum foil. Start coloring the bottom section of the hair without touching the top part. Once the bottom hair section has been covered with black color, leave it on for the time mentioned in the instructions and rinse it as usual. Finally remove the ponytail holder from the top section to make your hair fall on its own.

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Using Demi-Permanent Color On Hair

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Demi-permanent color can be the best option if you want to make the hair color stay longer than the semi-permanent color. This product can be the best option to color your hair without getting it damaged. The hair color can stay on for 10-20 washing if it is applied over your hair in a proper way. The demi-permanent color is available online that can be purchased for using it at home without going to a saloon. If required consult a hairstyling before purchasing them to know which is better for your hair.
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As usual wash the hair and make it dry without using a hair dryer. Avoid using any type of hair conditioning products or gels over the hair. But you can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly near the hairline to avoid the color from entering into skin. Wear hand gloves and take the applicator along with hair color for spreading it over the hair. Make sure that you are able to apply the product all over the hair evenly. Then brush your hair using the comb that will be provided along with the product to make the color spread throughout your hair strands. Leave the hair with the color for 15 minutes and rinse it fully using warm water. You can apply a little amount of shampoo during the rinsing process and dry the hair naturally without the help of a blow dryer.

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Using Peroxide And Food Color On Hair

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Mixing peroxide and food color can be the best option to color your hair naturally. It is possible to change color of the hair if you mix both these products together in a perfect manner. By doing this you can also prevent hair damage that is caused by coloring the hair with chemicals. Make sure to wear hand gloves during this coloring process and use bright hair color to make the hair look good.
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First clean your hair by washing it and make sure that your hair straight. Then cover the shoulder with a towel to prevent the color from falling on the floor. Now take hydrogen peroxide in a bottle and add same amount of water in the bottle. Mist the hair with it and spread it all over the hair using your fingers after wearing hand gloves. Let the solution stay on your hair for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it with normal water. Try to wash the hair using a moisturizing shampoo before conditioning it with a hair conditioner. Leave the hair to dry on its own and style it as per your wish. Now take the food color gel in your fingers and apply it throughout the hair. You can leave this food color gel on your hair for a long time to make it stick on your hair. Most of the people will leave it on for a day before getting hair rinsed.

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Prevent Dark Hair Ends While Coloring

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Most of the people like to color their hair dark to make them look beautiful and this can be a perfect choice for winter season. While coloring your hair there are chances that your hair ends can become much darker than the actual color. There are ways to prevent dark hair ends while coloring your hair with a dark color. This process can be done at home by purchasing a hair coloring product from a hairstyling store ear your home.
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First make 4 parts in your hair and pull out half-inch hair section for using the color over it from mid-way. Try to color your hair towards the hair roots and leave the hair ends as it is. Use the same method to color the other sections of your hair leave to dry for about 15 minutes. Now spread a small amount of hair conditioner over your hair ends so they can stay away from the hair color. This will avoid the color from entering into your hair and maintain its original color. In case you are trying this option over a pre-lightened hair, then make sure to give extra care while using the color over it as they will be fragile when compared to natural hair. Then you can apply the hair color over the remaining hair parts as usual and leave it for 15 minutes to dry and rinse the entire hair as usual.

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Using Walnut Shells To Prepare Hair Color

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Walnut shells are the perfect product that can be used to prepare your own hair color at home. It is also cheap and available very easily. By preparing hair color with walnut shells you will be able to apply it over any type of hair. It is natural product that has no side effects and can be used by everyone. Just follow these steps to prepare your hair color at home using the walnut shells.
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First take distilled water about 8 cups in a bowl and boil it. Once the distilled water becomes cool, try to mix 2 oz walnut shells, 1 oz of dried sage, 1 oz of dried nettle and 1 oz of dried rosemary into the bowl. Then take 2 tea bags for mixing it in the same bowl and heat it again. Then steep the mixture for about 3-4 hours and take only the liquid out of it in a bottle. Now you must mix 2 tbsp of jojoba oil into the liquid in the bottle and keep it in a refrigerator for further use. To apply this color over your hair, first wear hand gloves after cleaning your hair with shampoo. Try to shake product in the bottle before applying it over your hair. You can also maintain your hair in a perfect condition by washing it on regular basis. Try to mix 1/4 cup walnut hair color and 1/4 cup of baby shampoo together for washing your hair.

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Maintaining Brown Hair Without Red Shades

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Having a brown colored hair can give a good look for most of the people, but sometime the color of your hair will start to change into red. The brown hair can be easily maintained, but it can turn red that can spoil your entire look. Always color your hair with a branded coloring product or get help from a hair specialist and get suggestions to maintain your hair in a proper way.
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The first option is using the right hair coloring product for coloring your hair. Avoid using the hair coloring product that features auburn or gold as it can give a brassy look. Wash the hair using a shampoo that has been specially designed to treat the colored hair and apply the conditioner. There are lot of brands that provide shampoo and hair conditioner specially made to be used on the colored hair. Avoid washing your hair using hard water as it contains mineral deposits that can change the color of your hair.  There are shampoos that feature chelates which can easily remove the minerals out of your hair that causes brassy hair. Don’t wash the color hair on daily basis as it can maintain the hair coloring the same way for a long time. Try to cover your hair with a scarf or hat while going out in the sun as it can fade you hair color very easily.

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Coloring Hair With Kinky Twists

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Creating kinky twists in your hair can give a very unique look, but you can create this look with the natural hair or hair extensions. In case you are planning to color your hair kinky twists, try to follow the best coloring technique. You can use any type of hair on your kinky twists depending upon your choice. Make sure to do the strand test before applying the color over the entire hair to know if you are allergy to coloring product.
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To color your natural hair with kinky twists, first purchase the coloring product and mix the color by following the instructions mentioned on the kit. Then follow the instructions to spread the color over your hair and dry the entire hair by blow drying it with the hair dryer. Now you can try to style your hair like the kinky twists. To color the kinky twist hair extensions, first apply the color over the hair strand to make the patch test for any allergies. You can color your kinky twists just coloring your dreadlocks. Try to rinse the hair as usual and make sure each of your hair strand has been washed away properly. You can follow the instructions carefully without leaving any of the points written in it to color your kinky twists in a perfect way. If you have a dark looking hair, try to bleach your entire hair before using the coloring product.

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Removing Brilliant Silver White From Hair

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Brilliant silver white is a toning rinse that is used on the hair to reduce the brassy tones on the gray hair. Sometimes applying too much of this product on your hair can change its color to purple. Yellow tones are also known to be removed from hair after using product without using special methods. It is easy to get rid of this toner out of the hair with these steps.
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To start first dampen your hair with water and wash it using a normal shampoo. By just rinsing your hair with water after the shampoo process can remove the brilliant silver white out of the hair. After this process look through your hair to look for any kind of purple tones and rinse the hair using a shampoo again. In case you are using another coat of Brilliant silver white on your hair, try to mix few amount of this product in a bowl of water and spread it over your hair. Now you will be able to style the hair as per your wish without rinsing the hair. The toner can easily come out of your hair during your next wash with the shampoo. Avoid using this product on black colored hair as it is known to cause staining over the cloth. There is a warning on the brilliant silver white packet about using this product on the black hair.

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Applying Color On Your Hair Roots

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Coloring the roots of your hair requires special technique to prevent the hairstyle from looking bad. There is a special way of coloring the hair roots without visiting a saloon. Make sure that your hair is free from dust and clean it following normal procedure. Also wear hand gloves before starting the coloring process. Try to follow the procedure mentioned on the coloring kit while applying it over your hair.
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To start first try to dry the hair as usual using a hair dryer and mix the color in a bowl by following the instructions carefully. Start spreading the color on your damp hair from one side and gently move to other side. Apply color over your hair strands over the hair and also over your scalp. After applying the color over your hair and also saturate the hair roots. The entire coloring process will take about half an hour for the first time. In case you want to enhance the color over the hair, try to use a shine serum. Avoid using hair oil during the coloring process as it can make your styling time more. Let the color on your hair for the time mentioned on the coloring product before washing it as usual. Don’t leave the color on your hair for a long time without washing as it can make your hair color look dark as well as bad.

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