Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2013

No matter whether your face is oval, square, long or round, you will always find a haircut that will suit you. Following are some of the best hairstyles of the year gone and have become trend setters for this year too.

Kate Bosworth

This low maintenance hairstyle looked awesome on this beauty.

50 Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Emma Watson
Her classic hairstyle along with the simple makeup made her really good on various red carpets.

50 Best Celebrity Hairstyles


This voluptuous babe has a lovely streak of golden colors an her wavy locks is a treat to the eyes.


Penelope Cruz Long Hairstyle

This beautiful actress looks really hot when she sports a long hairstyle which frames her beautiful face. Her long hairstyle gets along with her perfectly matched eyebrows and clear skin.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

Her ombré locks in subtle waves falling on her shoulders make her a head-turner.  The volume of the hairs at the roots are kept high to give a nice sober look.

Penelope Cruz with Curly Bun Hairstyle


Penelope Cruz Hairstyles

This spanish beauty loves to keep her hairstyle simple, barring when her role in the movies demand some experimentation.

Penelope Cruz Half Updo Hairstyle

Her coffee colored hair combined with rich golden highlights is ideal for women having warm skin tones.

Penelope Cruz's Hair with Golden Highlights

Penelope Cruz with Curly Hairstyle

Penelope Cruz Wavy Hairstyle