Katie Holmes With Flapper Bob

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Katie Holmes is wearing a flapper bob that is a very unique way of styling the hair and it has been a popular hairstyle from a very long time. Anyone can create this look with their hair within few minutes at home without consulting any hair specialist. To get Katie Holmes look, clean the entire hair using a normal shampoo and don’t forget to rinse it fully.
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Then make seven parts in your hair all over the head and leave just 1/4 hair all around the head such as right of your head, left side of your head, at the left crown, at the right crown, on top of the head top, near your left nape and near the right nape. Comb your hair near the front part over one side of your head and try to cut it as per your desire. Leave the cut hair to hang on its own and go to the back part of your head to match with the front part of your hair that was cut. Start cutting the hair section at the back  about 1 inch long which will be used as a guide for cutting the hair from back of the head and moving towards front section. Loosen your nape hair section half inch and comb it properly before cutting the hair as per your desire. Use the same cutting technique on the hair that at left, right, near left crown, near right crown and top of your head.

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Face Framing Haircut For Square Face

face framing hair face framing hair2
Face framing hair can be achieved with a simple haircut that can be done at home without going to a saloon. Before creating the face framing haircut, you must make sure that you have the correct facial shape to make it look good. Each facial shape can be made to look good with different haircutting techniques. First know your facial shape which will normally be square, round, heart, oval and long. Just follow the method to create the face framing hair with a square face.
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First you must try to frame the hair layers till the chin length which can make your face look completely soft. It will also help to cover the strong jawline and the layers in your hair will start only from your chin. You can also create curl as well as waves in this hairstyle that can frame your face. It is also possible to create this look without cutting the hair using waves and the curls in your hair. By doing this hairstyle without a cut, it may look as though you have added more layers into it that can soften your jawline. Consult a hair specialist if you are cutting the hair for the first time to create the face framing layers. Once you have cut the hair, it will take some time to grow long, so it is better to get tips from the hairstylist.

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Using Barrettes On A Short Hair

barrettes short hair barrettes short hair2
Barrettes are the perfect hair accessory to style a medium to long hair, but it is also possible to use them on a short hair. By following a particular method anyone with short hair can use the barrettes to style them in a perfect way. You can also use both bobby pins and barrettes to make the hairstyle look good.
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If you are using a small barrette, try to apply it over the bangs by just opening it gently with your hands. To take the entire bangs at the back of your head using the barrette try to mist it with a spray first. To make the bangs look beautiful, try to pull out small amount of hair for clipping it with the barrette. In case you want to make sure that your bangs don’t fall out of the barrette, try to use bobby pins to secure them perfectly. Another option that is available for styling the short hair is using a hair clip along with the barrette and try to match it with a proper outfit. Try to use small bobby pins to style the hair when you are using the barrette and push the bobby in into your hair in such a way that is covered by the hair strands. Use the bobby pins on both the sides of your head, so the hair is secured properly in place with the barrette.

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Styling Your Spiky Fringe

spiky fringe spiky fringe2
Spiky fringe is a hairstyle that is liked by most of the women who want to make their look beautiful. This is one of the most unique way of styling the hair with any length. You can achieve this look by visiting a hairstylist or cutting the hair by sitting at home using few simple staying tools.
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First brush the bangs in front of the head and take the remaining hair at the back of the head. Now take one inch hair section from the bangs in between pointer and your middle finger. Make sure to pull your hair slightly down to keep it flat and cut the hair gently. Try to cut the bangs long than it should actually look as you are pulling it using your hands. Use the same method on the remaining parts of your bangs and cut them gently with the scissors. Next pull out the one inch bangs section with your fingers again towards upward from the head and start cutting them downwards than in a straight line that was done previously. You can cut the bangs deep if required to achieve the spiky look and comb the bangs as usual away from your forehead. At last use a blow dryer over the bangs that have been cut and touch up hair using your scissors only if you see unwanted hair sticking out of the hairstyle.

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Using Twist Gel To Style Short Hair

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Using twist gel on your short hair can make it look less coarse and it is one of the best product to be used only on the African hair. The same gel can be used to maintain hold in your hair than trying the beeswax. It can also add more moisture in your hair follicle and there is no need to be afraid of any side effects while using this product. First purchase the products such as twist gel, shampoo, conditioner and a comb for styling the hair.
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Before using the twist gel over the short hair, try to wash it with a standard hair washing shampoo and apply the hair conditioner that is suitable for your hair type. Then comb the entire hair normally and apply a little amount of twist gel in your hand and gently work it over the hair starting from the scalp and move towards the end of your hair. Now separate the hair into various parts and try to twist them as usual using your fingers. You can also try to use other methods such as comb twist and double twist for twisting the hair with the twist gel. After your have created twists in your hair, try to leave it for drying on its own which is a best way to prevent any type of hair damage. You can also use a hooded dryer to make the hair dry.

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Things To Be Considered Before A Haircut

cut hair short cut hair short2
Those who want to cut their hair must decide what type of haircut would suit their hair and face. Getting a good haircut can make yourself look confident and a bad hair day can be avoided with this. Try to follow few simple things before styling your long hair into short. Keep in mind that after cutting the hair short it will take at least a month to grow slightly longer.
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First consult a hairstylist about cutting your hair to know which haircut can make yourself look beautiful. Then decide the length of your haircut as you must give special attention while cutting the hair to achieve it. Be clear while discussing the haircut with your hairstylist as you cannot get back the length of your hair after it has been cut. If you are cutting hair too short, it will take some time to grow and this type of short haircut can be maintained without using any special products. The hairstyling time will be limited if your cut the hair very short. The hair must be cut in different stages and while cutting the hair for the first time try to keep the hair at least shoulder length. The hair can be cut a little short after few days to achieve the look. Always, try to cut the hair in such as way that it can be adjusted after the haircut.

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Hair Wrapping With Short Hair

wrap short hair wrap short hair2
Hair wrapping can give a good look if you do it in a proper way. But the hair must be long enough to create the wrap over your head. Wrapping the short hair can be hard for most of the people and there are few steps that can be followed to achieve it in a perfect manner. Make sure to keep the tools ready before starting your styling which includes hooded dryer, leave-in conditioner, serum and brush.
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wrap short hair5 wrap short hair6
You can start the styling after washing your hair as usual and keep the hair slightly damp. Then spread a small amount of leave-in conditioner all over the hair as it can be very much helpful during the hair wrapping process. The leave-in conditioner can also make your hair look soft as well as shiny. Next brush your hair from middle of the head straight down. Now comb the hair again in circular motion clockwise and move out of the hair to make a simple hive over your head. Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner over your hair at the back side of the head and brush the hair straight down. Place the hooded dryer with medium heat over your head for about one hour. Once the wrap becomes fully dry, try to apply a small amount of serum in your hand and spread it over the hair. Now you will be able to style the hair as you wish.

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Lupita Nyong’o With Bald Fade Look

lupita nyong'o lupita nyong'o2
There are different types of fade look that can be achieved with your hair. One of the most common and easy fade look is the bald fade that can be created with few simple styling method. This type of hairstyle is mostly worn by men when compared to women to create a unique look and Lupita Nyong’o is one among them.
lupita nyong'o3 lupita nyong'o4

lupita nyong'o5 lupita nyong'o8
First comb your hair outward from crow of the head and take the electric clipper with highest setting. Then keep your blade away from tip of your clipper guard create a guard line around the head as usual. Keep your clipper as flat as possible over your face to make it move towards upward and cut the hair from bottom of your sideburn over the head. Try to cut your hair all over the head as usual and make the hair on top of the head to stay as it is. Make sure that the sides of your hair are completely bald. Now cut your hair that is left on top over the head by placing your clipper with the highest setting and maintain the hair over your head near the guard line. Continue the same method to cut your hair from front of your ear and move around back of the head towards the other side of your head. At last comb your hair straight down using the clipper to create a simple looking straight line.

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Cutting Hair Of A Toddler

toddler haircut toddler haircut2
Toddler haircut is not so easy to do at home as you need to get some practice before using the scissors. Toddler will normally have a very short hair and you must try to pull the hair out using your hands to cut them in a perfect way. Just give the toddler a simple haircut while doing this for the first time and you can experiment with different haircut after getting some good practice.
toddler haircut3 toddler haircut4

toddler haircut5 toddler haircut6
First make the toddler to sit on a chair and hand have him a toy or a book. Then cover him with a towel and mist the hair with water. Try to use warm water for misting the entire hair and this will make your haircutting process very simple. Start snipping the hair gently and try to cut only small amount of hair at one time. Cut the hair over your forehead and move around your ears as wells as near the neck of the toddler. You can also cut the hair around the face and cut the hair ends gently. It is not possible to cut the hair as per your wish as you are doing this at home, but the haircut will look good with some gentle cutting. At last comb the hair that has been cut and wash it as usual. Encourage the toddler during the haircut by talking which can make your work easier.

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Using Clippers To Cut Neckline

trim neckline trim neckline2
While using the clipper to get the haircut, it is important to trim the hair near your neckline. Here is a technique that can help while getting the clipper cut done in your hair by trimming the neckline hair. You can just use the clippers to cut the neckline. Try to cover your shoulders with a waste cloth to make the hair to fall over it.
trim neckline3 trim neckline4

trim neckline5 trim neckline6
Try to follow your natural hairline while using the clippers to adjust the neckline. Get help from a friend while cutting the neckline as it can be difficult for you to do it alone. Try to keep the head straight and move the clippers along with your hairline. Maintain your head as straight as possible during the styling process to prevent a bad haircut which can happen very easily. You can also remove your cape and the hair that is below the collar. Be very careful while using the neck trimmers and try to move it around your ears as well to make the haircut look neat. Don’t remove too much of hair near your ear as it can spoil you neckline. Have a look at the entire neckline to see that it looks perfect in a straight line before moving onto the next step. At last remove the cloth that was placed around the shoulders and wash the hair as usual to end the process.

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