Scarlett Johansson With Victory Rolls

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Scarlett Johansson is wearing the most popular hairstyle that is the victory rolls. It has been one of the most worn hairstyle during the 1940s and most of the celebrities wear it even in the present day. Here is a way to get Scarlett Johansson hairstyle, the victory rolls. While creating this hairstyle, the rolls may not look symmetrical, you can leave it just like that to create a natural look.
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First make a simple part in your hair and create a normal ponytail. Then take the loose hair and make a simple part in the middle of your head. Secure the half of the hair down and brush front layer of your hair to make it smooth. Try to roll your hair around the fingers to create a loop and slip the fingers out gently. Now you can tuck your hair inside the simple loop. Keep your hair secured and try to roll it inwards of your head. After reaching the scalp, try to spread your loop to make a simple roll shape. Secure the rolls in place using a pin. There will be one roll ready over the head and do the same on the other side of your head. At last curl the hair at the back and finger comb the hair. Use the pins to secure the rolls by placing them under and end the styling after misting it with a spray.

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Using Straightener To Get Spiral Curls

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Spiral hair curls can be one of the most interesting way of styling your hair. There is no need to use the curling iron to create the spiral curls in your hair like as usual because you can also a straightener to get the same type of hairstyle. There are some people including celebrities who style the hair in the same ways most of the time as they can give a beautiful look. To do this you can just follow these simple steps.
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Begin your styling with a day old hair and don’t wash it on the day of your styling process. This can help in adding more old to your hair while creating the curls in it. First take a hair section using your hands and mist it with a heat protectant hairspray to prevent the hair from damaging with the heat produced by the hair straightener. Now use the hair straightener over the section of your hair that was separated and sprayed. You can simply spiral your hair section around the straightener and leave it on for few seconds. Next remove the hair straightener out of your hair section very gently and the spiral curls will start to appear immediately in the hair section. Use the same technique on the remaining hair parts over your head and don’t leave the hair straightener over your hair for a long time as it can burn them.

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Rachelle Lefevre’s Crinkled Hairstyle

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Rachelle Lefevre has got a crinkled hairstyle that can look great for those who have a curly hair. It is a very beautiful way of creating a hairstyle which is suitable for a special occasion. Here is a technique to get her hairstyle without getting support from anyone. Avoid using too much of hairstyling products over your hair during the styling process as it can spoil your look. Don’t dry your hair fully while styling the hair as it can prevent you from getting this hairstyle.
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To Rachelle Lefevre crinkled hairstyle, there is a way that must be followed which is called as braiding method. First wash your hair a day before beginning your styling process and condition it properly without fail. In the next day, try to blow dry the hair roots without touching your hair strands to make it dry. Brush the hair as make it easily manageable and create French braid with your hair which must be slightly loose. If required you can also apply a little amount of hair serum all over the strands to prevent the frizzy look. Make sure that the serum is not spread too much over the hair as can make the hair look greasy. Now you must sleep with your braids on and in the next morning you can take the braids out. Now you can see the crinkled look in your hair that can be styled as per your wish.

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Styling Hair With Silky Dreads

silky dreads silky dreads2
Silky dreads can be a perfect way of styling the dreadlocks if the hair looks weak and even short. This hairstyle can be styled as per your desire and the consumed is also very less when compared to other hairstyle. Try to create the braid in your silky dreads in such as way that it sticks in place over your head. While dividing your hair, make sure to it is wide as well as thick just like the extensions.
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First divide your hair into sections and try to keep hair extension against the divide hair near your root. Let the long part of your extension stay loose over the head. Now you must braid this section of your hair along with the extension with three-strand braid method and after reaching the end make sure they look fully tight. Brush the hair in your braid with the backcomb technique and do this till your entire hair stays in place without using any styling product. In case you find any lose part in your extension try to wrap it around your braid from top and move towards the end of the extension. You must also try to backcomb hair ends that were wrapped into your braid and use spirit gum to make it stay in place easily. Continue this technique on the remaining hair sections in the same way to complete the styling process.

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Maintaining Pixie Haircut With Any Poof

pixie cut poof pixie cut poof2
A pixie haircut is the most liked hairstyle for most of the celebrities who have short hair. In case you are planning to create same type of hairstyle on your own, sometimes it may look slightly poofy. There are few things that must be taken care while styling your hair in this way. Make sure to apply a normal hair gel over your hair and style it using a comb.
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First go to a hairstylist to cut your hair in this manner and visit them on regular basis to maintain the pixie look in the same way. After getting the pixie haircut, try to comb your hair to make it free from knots as they are the main reason that can cause the poof in hair. The knots will easily come out if you simply brush them out with a comb when the hair is short. Mist the hair with water before styling it and brush the hair in their natural direction. At last apply a little amount of gel in your hands and spread it all over the hair. By applying the hair gel you will be able to create a texturized look in your hair and you can create a sleek look by applying more amount of gel over the hair. Just comb the hair as usual after using the gel to keep it in place without any poof look.

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Pink With Punk Rock Look

pink rock hair pink rock hair2
Pink has styled her hair with punk rock look that is a perfect way of styling the hair if you want to get a unique look. This hairstyle can be worn by teens to make them look completely different and you must wear the perfect dress to make it look attractive. You can create this look by using your hands and few simple styling products such as hair gel, straightening iron.
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pink rock hair5 pink rock hair6
To get hairstyle such as Pink, first clean the hair and maintain it damp during the styling process. Next spray the hair with a texturizing spray and spread the hairspray all over the hair with the help of your fingers. Now take the blow dryer long with the paddle brush for making the hair dry. Move the dryer upward and sideways around your head to make the hair fully dry. Use the hairspray once again all over the hair and use a straightening iron over the hair by taking it outward. The hair must look fully straight, o place a mirror in front of you during the styling process. Now apply a small amount of gel in your hands and apply it over the hair and try to mix little amount of smoothing serum with the gel to make your hairstyling easy. Make sure to use the mixed product over the hair ends and move towards the root of your hair.

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Using Egg White To Create Hair Spikes

egg white hair egg white hair2
Creating a spike hairstyle is a simple process and it involves only few styling products. You can also use the egg white to achieve the spiky look. This hairstyle can give a very dramatic look if you make it stay on the hair for a long time. You can use any number of eggs on your hair, but use only egg white to get the hairstyle perfectly.
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egg white hair5 egg white hair6
First take 1 egg cracked in a bowl and divide the white form separately. Now mist the egg white with hairspray which is a very important process that must be done without fail as it can remove the odors from the egg. Start mixing the egg whites using a electric mixer till it becomes thick. Now brush the hair and take a small section to create the spike. Try to spread egg white over the hair from top to bottom using your hands and create the spiky look as per your desire. Use the same styling process all over the hair by pulling out small sections. You can use the comb while applying the egg white over your hair to achieve the spiky look. At last mist the entire hair with hairspray to complete your styling process. In case you want to wash the hair, just use the normal hair shampoo and there is no need to use other special products for cleaning your hair.

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Long Lasting Hairstyle

long lasting hairstyle long lasting hairstyle2
To make a hairstyle to last long, you must follow few simple steps. Most of the people want to style their hair beautifully, but they will face problems to maintain them for a long time in the original shape. There are different things that can affect your hairstyle during the day. Here is a technique to make your hairstyle last long.
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long lasting hairstyle5 long lasting hairstyle6
First develop volume in your hair before creating the hairstyle using a shampoo and the hair conditioner. After washing your hair, try to dry it using the best method. Use the blow dryer over your hair by keeping it pointed upwards concentrating on the roots. You can also make the hair to fall frontwards by bending your head during the drying process. Now you can style the hair by misting the hair with hairspray and mainly mist the hair at its roots to maintain the hairstyle for a long time in the same way. There are also other hairstyling products such as gel that can be applied over your hair before making the hair straight using with flat iron. Try to style the hair that can give a fuss look, instead you can style the hair in such a way that it stays intact for a long time. Apply a small amount of silicone based gel over the hair roots and brush the hair gently to make the hairstyle long last.

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Feminine Hairstyle

feminine hairstyle feminine hairstyle2
Feminine hairstyle is a very unique style that can look very difficult to create. There is a method that must be followed to achieve this hairstyle at home. You must know how to make a part in your hair in front of the head. This is a perfect hairstyle while attending a special event. Use hair accessories to make your feminine hairstyle look beautiful. You can also wear a beautiful looking hair pin to secure your hair in place.
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Next take the remaining hair to create a ponytail just near your middle point over your head. Use a ponytail holder to secure the ponytail tightly. Now brush your hair from the ponytail to create volume into the hair. Divide your hair into two parts for twisting it to create a simple bun and do the same with the other hair section. Make sure that your second hair section comes over the middle part of the bun. Tuck your hair ends into the bun and hold the hair in your hand. Try to pull the remaining hair at the back of your head and wrap it over the bun. Secure your hair using with a pin and use the same technique over the other section of your hair to create a focus around your face. You must also wrap the ends of your hair around and secure it in place with a pin.

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Kristen Stewart With Inside Out Plait

kristen stewart kristen stewart2
Kristen Stewart has got an inside out plait hairstyle that looks almost similar to the French braid. This hairstyle normally features a unique method of reversing that is used to make the French braid over your head. It is usually worn down at the back of your head near front hairline towards the nape of your neck. First take a rectangular panel of your hair on over the head that must run from your front hairline near the temples and move toward crown of your head.
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Divide this hair part into three segments by keeping the right strand in your right hand, middle and the left strands between your fingers in the left hand. Start crossing your strand in the right hand under the middle strand and take the original middle strand with the right hand. Try to take all the three hair strands to tighten the plait. Use the same technique to cross the left hand strand under the middle strand to make left strand as new middle strand and try to pull the plait tight. Take narrow hair section against your scalp from the right front hairline to center of your head. Add newly collected hair along with present right hand strand and take narrow section in the left side for adding it over left side with the existing left hand strand. Continue this till end of the hair and secure it using a hair band.

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