Methods To Add Micro Loop Hair Extension

micro loop extension micro loop extension2
Micro bead extensions are available with a ring attached to it that can be easily applied to the natural hair using only glue. Most of the people normally use the extension with the right extension tools as it is made with human hair which can be styled by anyone. To start, first you must make a simple part in your hair and create a hair section that must look like a horseshoe.
micro loop extension3 micro loop extension4

micro loop extension5 micro loop extension6
Next try to create vertical part at the sides of the head from one ear to your crown section. Then comb the hair in front of the head and keep it secured in place. Try to create sections with the remaining hair about horizontally at the rear side of the head in the middle of your crown and the nape. Secure your hair section over the top of your head with the help of duckbill clips. Pull out half inch hair near your neck and send the hooking inside micro loop from hair extension by taking 15 strands just between the thumb as well as forefinger. Now insert it just inside the tip of your hooking device and slide the micro loop extension simply over its stem and hair strands. Make sure to keep it just 1/4 inch away from the scalp and place your clamping tool on the micro loop for pressing it tightly which can make it stay along with actual hair.

micro loop extension7 micro loop extension8

Hairstyle With Scrunched Look

scrunched hair scrunched hair2
Scrunched look in your hair can look good, but to achieve it you must follow the right technique which can be slightly difficult for some of the people. Those who have a tightly wound curly hair and craving beach tussled waves will be able to remove the frizz to create this type of hairstyle. Most of the people will try to use lot of styling products to style such a hair and it can be achieved them by following these simple steps. Try to select the best styling product to style the hair as it can give stiffer curls.
scrunched hair3 scrunched hair4

scrunched hair5 scrunched hair6
First wash the hair and condition it using a texturizing shampoo. Get the conditioners that are used for on curly hair as it can be the best choice for a scrunched hairstyle and it can also avoid broken or split ends. Remove the excess water from the hair and remove the tangles or knots with a wide-toothed comb or vent brush. Apply a little amount of leave in conditioner all over your hair and finger comb it properly. Next use a diffuser on the hairdryer and then tip the head over while drying the hair from the roots to the ends. Scrunch your hair between the hands into small sections and then try to keep it slightly damp. Flip the head right side up and scrunch it by holding hairdryer. Finally apply a generous amount of finishing product in your hands and spread it over the hair.

scrunched hair7 scrunched hair8

Hairstyle With Headband Updo

headband updo headband updo2
Headband updo is a hairstyle which features a headband placed over the up to give a beautiful look.  It is a hairstyle that liked by some of the celebrities who want to keep their hair on top of the head. This hairstyle can be created easily at home with few simple steps. You must start the hairstyling on a day old hair. Avoid washing the hair on the day of your styling process as it can cause flyaways in your hair that can make it difficult to stay in place.
headband updo3 headband updo4

headband updo5 headband updo6
To start your hairstyling, spread a little amount of texturizing gel all over your hair. Then try to brush the entire hair and don’t continue the styling without the brushing process. This will make the hairstyle look more voluminous. Next comb your hair which is at the back of the head and make a simple looking ponytail on top of your head. Try to twist your ponytail to create a ballerina bun and keep it secured with the help of bobby pins before misting it with anti-frizz spray. This will keep the hairstyle in place without causing any flyaways. Now you can take a headband of your preferred choice and place it over the head. If possible you can also create other type of hairstyle and wear the headband, but this is the best method to create an updo along with headband.

headband updo7 headband updo8

Alicia Keys With Frohawk Look

alicia keys frohawk alicia keys frohawk2
Alicia Keys is wearing the frohawk hairstyle that looks almost similar to the afro look. The afro hairstyle is mostly created with Afro-American hair type and the same thing applies to this hairstyle also. The hair that is at both sides on your head will be cut completely short in this hairstyle and the center of the head will have thick. This is one of the best hairstyle for those who want to look completely different at any place.
alicia keys frohawk3 alicia keys frohawk4

alicia keys frohawk5 alicia keys frohawk6
To create the frohawk look like Alicia Keys, first you must clean the hair by washing it normally and apply a hair conditioner. Leave the hair as per the time mentioned on the hair conditioner kit and rinse the entire hair as usual. Now spread a small amount of moisturizing hair gel all over the hair using your hands only and create three parts with your hair. There must be lines over the head from front part towards the back and it must move along your entire hair length. Try to make small twists with your hair in the middle part and use hair gel while creating the twist perfectly. Mist the hair using normal water and make small cornrows at the side of your head. The cornrows must run from the front side of your head ad move behind the head. Try to create a braid with the long cornrow and secure it with bobby pins.

alicia keys frohawk7 alicia keys frohawk8

Hairstyle With Classic Side Chignon

classic side chignon classic side chignon2
A classic side chignon is one of the most preferred hairstyle that can give a surprisingly simple look. This style can be achieved on any type of hair, but it should by long enough to create the side chignon. It is considered to be a timeless updo which is a perfect choice for casual occasions.
classic side chignon3 classic side chignon4

classic side chignon5 classic side chignon6
To get this hairstyle, begin the styling process on a day old hair as it can be easier to form the classic side chignon with an unwashed hair. Next comb your hair straight back of the head to make a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Hold the ponytail in place using a covered hair band. Then separate the ponytail into two equal parts and brush each of them lightly with a comb. Now take one of the sections in hand and smooth it using a hairbrush. Try to twist the section under and hold it in place with a large bobby pin or hair clip. Use the same method on the other part of the ponytail that was divided earlier. At last smooth down any stray hairs using a hair brush and then spritz all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray. After completing the hairstyle, add fresh flowers or a jeweled hair stick when you are wearing this style for a special occasion.  You can also create bangs with this hairstyle and swept to side of your head.

classic side chignon7 classic side chignon8

Modified Short Bob

modified short bob modified short bob2
A bob hairstyle is worn by most of the people from a long time. This style is known as a easy to care for hairstyle because it is created with shorter hair. You can create the modified short bob in different ways to get a unique and attractive.
modified short bob3 modified short bob4

modified short bob5 modified short bob6
To create the modified short bob, first place a towel over shoulder and separate the hair into 7 parts including left side, right side, left nape, right nape, left crown, right crown and top. Use hair barrettes or pins to keep the sections in place. Now pull out top part loosely with your index and middle fingers for cutting it as per your wish. Then pull the nape part for and brushing it out. Start the haircut to your desired length at the back of your head and move in the front. Use the same method over other side of the nape. Next pull out the remaining hair section for combing it out for cutting it in the same length that is near nape of the neck. Use the same technique all over the four parts and move from back to front. Now pull top section for parting it down in the middle of the head. Comb the hair out and try to it cut from back to front of the head as same length like the previous hair parts. At last wash your hair before brushing comb it and dry the hair using blow dryer.

modified short bob7 modified short bob8

Vanessa Hudgens Curly Hairstyle

vanessa hudgens curl vanessa hudgens curl2
Vanessa Hudgens curly hairstyle is easy to achieve by following a simple process at home. This hairstyle has been liked by most of the people due to the popularity of Vanessa Hudgens. Anyone can create her hairstyle with hairstyling products that are regularly used.
vanessa hudgens curl3 vanessa hudgens curl4

vanessa hudgens curl5 vanessa hudgens curl6
First go through Vanessa Hudgens photos in which she has a curly hairstyle. You can do this by going through magazines and even as the hair specialist. Then comb the hair using a brush to make it soft and spread a little amount of anti-frizz hair gel all over the strands from top to end. Next make a simple straight part in the middle over the head and secure of small parts of hair with rubber bands. You must curl the hair part by part that can make the hairstyle look more effective. Try to curl the hair using a curling iron and make sure to use it at least for a minute on the hair to achieve the curls in a perfect manner. You must mist the hair part that has been curled immediately after using the curling iron that can help in adding more volume into the hair. After creating curls all over your hair just compare your hairstyle with the picture of Vanessa Hudgens to make sure that it looks almost similar. Try to adjust the curls with your fingers if you find it out of shape.

vanessa hudgens curl7 vanessa hudgens curl8

Using Kanekalon Hair To Create Senegalese Twists

kanekalon hair twist kanekalon hair twist2
Kanekalon hair is a synthetic hair that is used to create Senegalese twists and this hairstyle can look similar to a braid if you create it with the help of Kanekalon hair. You can use any type of Kanekalon hair starting from short to long to create the Senegalese twists without going to a saloon.
kanekalon hair twist3 kanekalon hair twist4

kanekalon hair twist5 kanekalon hair twist6
First comb the hair before creating different parts all over the head. Then take one hair part that must be oiled perfectly witou any tangles. Make this hair section smooth and make a small wisp from this hair section. The size of the wisp can be as per your desire and secure the remaining hair separate using the hair band. Take kanekalon hair after misting it using oil sheen and cut it as per your wish. Now keep small amount of kanekalon hair on hair wisp in the natural hair and try to twist it into half. You must coil the hair strand separately to each other and move towards the end of your hair. Next coil the hair strands in the opposite way for twisting two strands each other. At last secure the hair end by using glue before moving to the other hair sections. You can cut the remaining stray hair using a scissors to make it look good. Try to maintain the Senegalese twists smoothly to prevent it from getting out of its shape.

kanekalon hair twist7 kanekalon hair twist8

Informal Hair Bun

informal hair bun informal hair bun2
Informal hair bun can be a perfect hairstyle for casual event and it is easy to achieve with any type of hair. It can help to maintain your hair far from nape of the neck which makes it a perfect hairstyle for hot weather. This hairstyle can give a very neat look and it can be matched with a proper outfit to look beautiful. Most of the people and celebrities like this type of hairstyle when they come out of their home.
informal hair bun3 informal hair bun4

informal hair bun5 informal hair bun6
Just begin the styling with a cleanly washed hair using a shampoo and make sure that the hair becomes fully dry. Comb your hair to make it free from knots and make a simple side part with the hair. Take the entire hair part to make a simple looking ponytail with the help of your hand and make sure that the hair is fully smooth on top of the head. You can simply brush the hair over the head to make it smooth. Try to shake your hair in front of the head and pull it near middle of your nape to maintain a even length. Next try to twist your hair with right hand and move towards the hair ends. Take the ponytail base for wrapping it around the twisted hair to create a simple loop between your left hand and head. Keep the hair secured using the loop and try to pull it tight.

informal hair bun7 informal hair bun8

Creating Ponytail With Fan Tail

fan tail fan tail2
Fan tail can be used to create a simple looking ponytail and it has been developed by Vidal Sassoon. It is a plastic accessory that is used to create a messy ponytail with few simple steps. Just follow this method to achieve this look within few minutes. Try to purchase the fan tail from Vidal Sassoon and try to use it over the hair gently for the first time. Most of the people who want to create a ponytail with a messy look can follow this styling technique.
fan tail3 fan tail4

fan tail5 fan tail6
To start, first try taking the entire hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail and use elastic band to keep it in place. Now pull the ponytail top using your hand and place fan tail from base of your ponytail adjacent to elastic band. Then twist your fan tail front and back to make the hooks to enter into your ponytail. Next take the ponytail section into the fan tail and gently twist it to make the ponytail secure in place. Try to brush the ponytail using a comb at the back of the head and fluff it slightly so the fan tail gets covered. Take small hair sections from the ponytail and insert it into the fan tail hooks which will make the ponytail look messy. Don’t use other hair accessories after creating the ponytail with the fan tail.

fan tail7 fan tail8