Styling Your Hair With Big Jheri Curls

big jheri curls big jheri curls2
Creating big jheri curls features a unique way that can be done at home. This style was very much popular in the 1970s among Afro-Americans and it also includes most of celebrities. It does not require a lot of maintenance and you just need to keep the curls moisturized. The hairstyle just needs a touch up once in two months and there is a curl kit available in the market to do this.
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Try to part the hair with a rat-tail comb and apply a little amount of softening creme all over. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water and wash it completely with a neutralizing shampoo. Roll the hair with perm rods starting from the nape of your neck and cover each hair rod using a rod paper. Add a permanent wave solution all over the hair which has been rodded and make sure to spray to keep the hair drenched. Cover the rodded hair using a plastic shower cap and leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse the hair with a permanent wave solution with a lukewarm water and use a neutralizing solution all over the rodded hair and leave it for 5 minutes. Use a lukewarm water to rinse the hair and then blot the water from rodded hair. Spread a little amount of big jheri curl activator in your hands to rub it all over the hair and style the hair with a wide tooth rake comb.

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Styling Hair With Angel Braid

angel braid angel braid2
Angel braid is a type of hairstyle that needs particular styling method and tools to achieve it perfectly. Try to get some help from hair specialist if you want to create this hairstyle for the first time. Then you can try the same method at home to get it done without any support. The following method can look simple to most of the people who want to achieve this look at home, but you must get some practice before trying this at home without any help.
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To begin the angel braid hairstyling, first you must section the hair from one ear to another. Try to create the French braid from one of the hair section and move towards your one ear. You must use the three strand hair braid method to get this hairstyle done and try to add more sections in your braid while moving onto each side of your head by moving towards the hair ends. Use bobby pins to keep the braid secured at the end of your hair and let the hair fall down only after securing it with hair pin. Try to mist the hairstyle with a spray to end the styling process and add hair accessories that can make this hairstyle look beautiful. Try to start your hairstyling process with an unwashed hair as it can add more grip to your hair while creating the braid.

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Styling Your Hair Using Babyliss Rollers

heated rollers heated rollers2
Heated rollers are normally used on the hair to create beautiful curls and it can be the best hairstyle for a night event. There are various types of heated rollers available in the store, but selecting the right product is very important. BaByliss rollers can be your best product for creating the curls as it can maintain the curly shape for a long with its heat.
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To use BaByliss rollers, comb the hair and divide a small sections of hair all over the head. Then brush the each hair section out of your head with the help of your fingers only. Now plug in the heated rollers to make it hot with maximum level if you have a thick hair and for thin hair maintain a low heat. The heating time for the rollers will be about 3-4 minutes for maximum level. Start using the heated rollers on the hair section at the base and roll it around the hair till you reach the scalp. Use hair clips for keeping the rollers in place and do the same on the remaining hair parts all over your head. Now leave the rollers to become cool on their own and once the entire hair gets free from heat mist it with a spray. Then take the rollers out of the hair and use the same hairspray to mist the hair once again to end the styling.

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Styling Curly Hair With Gel And Water

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Gel and water can be one of the best home hairstyling products that can be used to create curly hair. There is a technique that can be helpful while using the gel and water on your hair. Just follow this method for using these products in a perfect manner. It is one of the best methods to style the hair without causing any kind of buildup. This is the most commonly used method for styling the curly hair.
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Diluting the hair gel along with water must be done with a perfect technique or the hairstyle you are planning to create may become wrong. To use gel and water over a fine curly hair, you must take small amount of water in a bowl and mix gel into it. This will help to create beautiful curls without causing any type of buildup in your hair. Just use your fingers to spread the product all over the hair. It is very easy to change consistency of your gel with the help of water. Most of the people will like to use the hair gel as a product for styling their hair and using too much of gel on the hair can make it look thick. When the hair becomes more thick it is very difficult to style it, so mixing water into the gel can make it very easy to style the curly hair.

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Styling Your Hair Using Pliable Wax

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Pliable hair wax is one of the best product for styling a curly hair. The hair will start to look good after applying this wax and the styling process will also be very easy. Just follow this technique while styling the hair with the pliable hair wax. You can simply use the fingers for applying the wax over the hair and try to purchase the right pliable wax for styling the hair.
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First style the curly hair as usual and after sometime make the hair loose. Then take the pliable hair wax in your hands and spread it evenly all over the hair from top to end. Just use only small amount of wax and using too much will make the hair look oily. Try to twirl the hair with your fingers while applying the wax over the hair strands which will be helpful in defining the curls in your hair. While twirling the hair just use your fingers and you must simply twirl it slightly before leaving it to fall naturally. Use the same process on the remaining part of your hair and make sure to do it very gently. There is no need to use the hair wax while twirling each hair parts as it will be distributed evenly throughout the hair once it has been applied. Once the curls get set, they will look lot bouncier than before applying the wax.

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Hairstyle With Havana Twists

havana twist havana twist2
Creating Havana twists in your hair can give a wonderful look and it also looks like the Marley twists. You must purchase the particular hair extension to create the Havana twists in your hair. It will look much softer than other hair extensions and make sure to follow the instructions on how to wear it before starting the styling process.
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havana twist5 Moda Donna Milano 2013(ph. Daniele Venturelli)
First make four parts all over the head that must about one inch in size and keep them with the hair clip. Brush the section with a normal hair comb and make two parts with the parted hair section. Now take the Havana twists from the pack and pull out six strips for using it over the hair. Try to just fold the twists into half and keep them over the head. You must twist the Havana twists slightly as close as possible to the hairline along with natural hair. Use the same method on the other half of your hair. Start crossing the twisted part of your hair over other in one direction and continue till the end of your hair. Do the same on the remaining hair parts and then take squares aluminum foil to create mini rods that will be applied to the each hair twists. Now make the hair end to dip into the bowl of hot water and make it cool on its own before removing the mini rods.

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Curling Hair Using Snap-On Curlers

snap-on curler snap-on curler2
Snap-on curlers are used to style the hair and it is able to provide all types of hairstyle. It can be used on the without getting help from anyone. This tool features two-part mechanism that is used to keep the hairstyle in place. Be very careful while using blow dryer on your hair after the styling process. Apply a hair gel on the hair which will help in prevent damage while using the blow dryer over the curls.
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snap-on curler5 snap-on curler6
Start the styling with a clean hair and apply a hair gel throughout the hair. Brush your entire hair and make four parts using the hair clip. Take one of the hair part for using the snap-on curlers. Take one of the hair section for combing it with the hair brush. Keep hair ends over the curlers and roll it just under toward your head. You must roll the hair under plastic snap which will maintain the curler close to your head. Roll the curler towards opposite direction to make the curler loose and secure it in its place. Continue this method of rolling the curlers into the hair section by section and use the blow dryer over the hair with the curlers to make them set in place perfectly. At last take the rollers out of the hair using your hands very slowly without creating tangles and style them as per your wish.

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Steps To Create Ghana Cornrows

ghana cornrows ghana cornrows2
Ghana cornrows are the most unique hairstyle that is worn by most of the people and it is very common among African American. There will be sharp hair ends in this hairstyle and it will look almost similar to the normal cornrow hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the braid will look thin at beginning and then slowly become thick as you reach at the end. To achieve this hairstyle, you can follow this simple technique.
ghana cornrows3 ghana cornrows4

ghana cornrows5 ghana cornrows6
First make center part with your hair as straight as possible and start the process with one side of the head. Secure the hair that is not used for the braiding process with a hair band and start the thin hair section. The thin hair part will be separated into three sections that will be sued to create the hairstyle. Braid the hair from your scalp by pulling thin hair and take more hair while creating the cornrow. You must also add more hair in order to maintain the hairstyle straight. While reaching the end of your hair, try to create a standard cornrow. Once you get the thin and thick effect in your hairstyle, do the same method to create the cornrows on the remaining hair parts all over the head. Just leave the hair as it is after creating the hairstyle and avoid using any type of hair accessories as it can spoil your entire look.

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Cropped Pixie Hairstyle

cropped pixie cropped pixie2
Cropped pixie hairstyle is the best way to style your hair with a flat look. You can match this hairstyle with a proper outfit to make it look good. Try to clean the hair before starting the styling process and condition it properly. This haircut will look best on faces which are in round shape and get help from a friend.
cropped pixie3 cropped pixie4

cropped pixie5 cropped pixie6
First make sections in your hair three inches in width and brush it using fine-tooth comb. Take thinning shears for keeping it diagonally over the hair section and start cutting it gently. Now cut the bangs using the shears after parting the hair to one side of the head. Then brush the hair using the comb and use this section as the guide to cut the remaining hair parts. Cut the hair at the back of your head short than the other hair sections. After cutting the hair sections, try to comb them as per your desire and cut even line near the nape of your neck. The top part of your hair must be about two inches in thickness and maintain the hair less than four inches long. At last spread hair gel over your hair and comb it from top to bottom using vent hair brush. Use a blow dryer while combing the hair after the haircut. Use the fingers to brush the hair to style it as per your wish.

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Creating Sock Waves At Home

sock waves sock waves2
Sock waves are a simple way of creating beautiful hairstyle without using any special hairstyling products. This is the best way to achieve waves without applying heat on the hair. You can do the same at home to create the waves by using this simple method. Anyone who wants to create the waves in their hair without spending money can follow this technique. You can just use the socks that are too old to use to achieve this hairstyle.
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sock waves5 sock waves6
First take a sock and try to cut it into half which will be used to create the waves. You must use at least 5-6 socks to create large waves in the hair. Now take your sock that has been cut into half for rolling it around your hair ends. Make sure that the hair ends gets wrapped around the small sock. Try to roll the hair along with your sock till you reach near the scalp of the scalp. After reaching the perfect place near the hair roots make a simple knot to keep it secured in place. Leave the hair wrapped in the same way all over the head and leave it overnight. In the morning you can just unroll the sock from your hair to achieve beautiful bouncy waves all over the head. Now style the entire waves in your hair using your fingers and don’t use a hair brush.

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