Dealing With Perm Sores Over Your Scalp

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Perm sores caused on your scalp can be irritating for everyone. The hair perms are normally done by using chemicals that can cause scalp burns as well as hair damage. There are ways to treat the perm sores on your scalp without going to a hair specialist. Try to follow this process till your scalp recovers from the sores. After this also you face the same problem, consult a doctor immediately.
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First you must clean the scalp using a normal shampoo such as baby shampoo which can prevent the hair from irritation that can occur if your use strong shampoos. Then rinse your hair just with the lukewarm water and apply a hair conditioner all over. Let the hair conditioner stay on your hair for at least fifteen minutes and rinse your hair for the second time. Leave your hair to dry on its own and avoid using heat styling tools. Using heat on your hair can make the problem worse and make sure to use serum instead of heat styling tools. Try to comb your hair with wide tooth brush to make the serum to spread entirely over your scalp as well as the hair. Now you can use healing ointment specially made to be used on the perm sores on your scalp. Make sure to follow the directions mentioned on the scalp while using the healing ointment on your scalp.

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Treating A Burn Caused By Flat Iron

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Using a flat iron on your for styling it can be a risky process as it can cause damage to the hair as well as your skin. You must give extra care while using the flat iron on your hair as it should not touch your skin as it can easily get burnt. In case you have faced a burning issue with the flat iron, try to give attention to your burnt skin immediately. The flat iron burn are known to be of first-degree that can only leave a redness or pain on your skin and if you find it more severe, consult a doctor.
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First you must press the burnt area with a cloth which must be drenched with cold water. Try to press it against your skin for about 5 minutes. Then use a burn cream on the area where you find discomfort and do this on regular basis until the problem gets solved. There are also few tablets available for treating the pain caused by the burn that can be consumed to get some comfort. You can also use a moisturizing lotion over the burnt area on the skin when there are no signs of the burn. Avoid using any kind of styling products on the burnt area as they can cause more irritation and use a cream that can take out the dry skin from the affected area if required.

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Treating Hair Loss Due To Lupus

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Lupus is one of such disease that can cause hair loss at some point. The hair loss that is related to lupus occurs in different forms such as patchy hair fall, hair loss all over the head and more. Apart from losing hair due to lupus, hair loss can also occur during its treatment. There are ways to deal with the hair loss while suffering from lupus. It is important to consult a doctor before dealing with the hair loss that happens due to the lupus disease.
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First you must access the hair loss such as hair loss all over your head is common in lupus and patchy hair fall that can occur due to scalp rash. You can make the hair fall that happens around the head when the disease is treated and the hair will start to grow again in the same area over your head. But patchy hair fall is difficult to deal with as it will damage your hair follicles permanently. Try to control the lupus disease in order to solve your hair loss issue and don’t just give attention to your hair fall. It is important to follow a healthy diet to prevent lupus and hair loss. You must do exercise for at least half an hour in a day and also consume lot of fruits, vegetables, etc. Stay away from sun during the day or you can also wear sunscreen daily as the ultraviolet light are linked in causing the lupus flares.

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Effects Of Basil On Your Hair

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Basil is a cooking product that is normally used to prepare different items. The basil is also considered to feature healing properties as it has been used from a very long time. The oil produced from basil can be used as a good hair moisturizing product that can make the air strong and prevent the dryness. Consult a doctor and a hairstylist before using the basil product on your hair. Continue to use it over the hair until the results are visible after getting suggestions from the hair specialist.
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Basil also helps to stimulate your hair follicles that are weak and easily make the hair healthy once again. The blood circulation in your scalp can become one of the major reason for your hair loss. During this time you can use the basil oil to massage over your scalp gently that can make the blood circulation effectively into your scalp regenerating hair follicles. This product also features eugenol that is anti-inflammatory which can increase the blood flow into your scalp. You can also use the basil to make the hair shaft strong and prevent hair breakage. The healing properties available basil includes two flavenoids that is capable of protecting cell structures and prevents radiation damage. Try to purchase the basil product from a store near you and if you are facing any kind of allergy while using this product, stop it immediately.

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Styling A Wig With Hot Roller

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Styling a wig can be a very difficult process as you cannot use some of the styling tools over it as it can get easily damaged. Most of the people would like to curl the wig that is possible only by using a hot roller. By following these steps you will be able to use the hot roller over the wig.
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First brush your wig gently using a vent comb from end of your hair and move towards the root. Then place the wig over the wig stand and take the hot rollers with medium heat. Divide your wig into various parts and secure each of them using clips separately. Mist each of the parts with a spray and start rolling them in the hot roller. Make sure to wrap each of the hair part around the hot roller fully and move straight up towards your hair root before keeping it secured in place using the hair clip. Use the same method to curl the remaining hair parts very gently and leave them on till the wig becomes fully cold. Now take the hot roller out of the wig carefully and adjust the curls gently using your vent comb. End the curling process after misting the entire wig with a normal hairspray. Avoid using the curling over the wig as it can damage it completely and if you are using a synthetic hair wig, try to use only low heat.

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Using Gel To Style Short Shag

short shag gel short shag gel2
Short shag hairstyle can be achieved by using a hair gel without following any particular technique. But if you are tying this styling process for the first time, you just need to follow this method. There are two wys of styling the entire hair with the help of hair gel and you just need to use your hands for the styling process.
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First you need to cut the hair in a perfect manner to create the shag look and then you can style it as per your desire. First take the gel to spread it all over your hair and mainly concentarte over the endgs of your hair as well as the sides. Now you will have a sleek look and try to give it a hug so you can see your bone structure. This is one way of styling your hair that can be completed with the help of your fingers within few minutes. Another option  is adding texture in your hair that can be done using the hair gel. You can use your fingers to apply the gel over your hair as per your desire and this can be a perfect way of styling your hair for summer. Make sure to use the hair gel that is suitable for your hair and dont experiment with different hair gel as they can spoil your look. as well as dame the hair.

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Steps To Create Choppy Ends In Your Hair

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Creating choppy ends in the hair is a simple process that can be created to get a edgy look. The hair must be cut in an angle to achieve this look than cutting the hair straight across your head. Consult your hairstylist before cutting the hair at home and get the tools ready to begin the haircutting process. Just use the following method to get the choppy ends in your hair.
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To start your haircutting process, first as usual wash your hair using a shampoo and maintain the hair damp during the process. Then take half inch hair in your forefinger and the middle finger, for cutting the hair with the scissors. Keep the scissors vertically down over your hair to cut the hair and continue the cutting process in the same manner around your head. Then collect half inch hair to cut it into triangular shape and now you will have various lengths of hair all over your head. Spread a small amount of hair gel over the hair using your fingers and concentrate mainly at the ends of your hair. Now take half inch hair part at the end and try to twist hair into points and there will be hair ends that will stay together slightly which can easily enhance your choppy look. Get some practice to cut the hair before applying this technique on your hair at home.

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Styling Your Hair With Baby Powder

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Baby powder can be a best styling product for your hair and it is also used by many hairstylists. This powder is known to be the actual dry shampoo that can take the oil out of your hair easily. The baby powder can be the best styling product if you have a blonde hair and other type of light colored hair. People with dark looking hair must spend additional time for styling their hair, so they can avoid using this powder during the styling process. Here is the method to use the baby powder on your hair for styling it in a perfect way.
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In this styling process you must keep your hands clean and take the baby powder for shaking it well. Then take the baby powder in your hands and start massaging it over your hair from the roots till the end of your hair. Try to apply the powder mainly near your crown area and at the back of your ears. Start combing the hair from its roots to the hair ends using the natural-bristle comb. Make sure apply the powder evenly all over your hair. Combing your hair can help the powder to get absorbed easily into your hair creating more volume. Now the hair will become free from the natural oil produced by the hair. Try to style the hair as per your wish after this process.

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Maintaining Rooster Hairstyle

rooster hairstyle rooster hairstyle2
Rooster hairstyle has been one of the unique way of styling the hair that was popularized by some of the celebrities. This hairstyle is a perfect choice for those who to create a unique look with their short hair. It can also give a very funny look when matched with a proper outfit. Most of the teens in the present day like to style their hair in this way. After creating this hairstyle it is important to maintain it in a proper way.
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rooster hairstyle5 rooster hairstyle6
First cut excess of your hair with the help of scissors and mainly near your ears as well as forehead. Now try to cut your hair at the sides of the head and shave your head with the help of a half inch guard starting from back of the head and move to the front part over the head. Leave one and half inch hair strip down the middle of the head and take guard off your clipper for just shaving sides or other parts of the hair over your head without touching the middle hair strip. You can also style and create a shape over the middle hair strip in different ways like flat. Use the guard and clippers for removing the excess of hair over the top to maintain a proper height over the head. Try to maintain this hairstyle using the hair guard clippers to make it look same always.

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Hairstyle With Textured High Updo

textured high updo textured high updo2
Creating textured high updo is one of the best way to style the hair to get a elegant look. This hairstyle is also one of the best ways to keep yourself cool during a hot and humid days. You can also wear it while going for an office, party or even for a shopping. Try to keep it slightly messy to make the look cool during special occasions. Even thought there are so updo hairstyle that be worn this one can make you look completely different. Get this hairstyle at home by following these simple steps.
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textured high updo5 textured high updo6
Try to wash the hair using a shampoo and then use a little amount of hair conditioner. Next spread a little amount of volume-enhancing cream like a mousse to keep the hair slightly damp and use a blow dryer to dry the hair upside down. Finger comb the hair to create wavy texture while blow drying the hair. Now collect all of the hair to create a ponytail or knot the hair into a low bun or pull the hair up higher at the crown and secure it using a hair clip. Try to pull few pieces of hair from the bun or at the ends of the hair. Next apply a generous amount of smoothing serum in your hands and spread it all over the hair to control the flyaways. At last spritz the hair with a little amount of aerosol hairspray to get into the look.

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