Attaching Crochet Weave With Natural Hair

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Crochet weaving is a technique of styling the hair that can give a dramatic look for anyone who wears it. You can add the crochet weave along with the natural hair to prevent it from getting damaged. It is liked by many people who don’t want to expose their hair. Creating this type of hairstyle can take lot of time so it is preferred to get some help from a friend or a hair specialist during the styling process.
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To wear the crochet weave, first you must part your entire from the middle and try to braid your hair towards the back of head like cornrows. Next use the sewing needle for sewing your end of cornrow along with the main braid using the basic sewing method. Cut your thread end before creating a knot at the end of the thread. This will become the base of your cornrow for the remaining styling process. Mist the hair using a holding hairspray all over and send the crochet needle just below your first cornrow as close as possible near your ear over the hairline. Now take the crocheting weave for wrapping it over the hook in your crochet needle and cover it latch over crochet needle before pulling your hair about halfway through the braid. Finally take the crochet hair ends to make a simple knot which will keep it secured in place.

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Steps To Reverse Perming Process

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Getting the hair permed badly can spoil your entire look and it can also damage the hair if left without proper treatment. Most of the people will try to use per on their hair to get a unique look without getting help from a hairstylist and sometimes it can give a bad look. There are ways to reverse the perm process by following simple styling method. It is important to clean the hair using water as soon as possible after the perm treatment.
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First give your hair deep conditioned after getting it washed which can make the curls to loosen easily. Then consult a hair specialist to undergo the perm removal process.  There is a chemical solution that can be used on your hair to reverse the process and it is also very much as the process involved during the perming process. The solution can be used again and again all over the hair by combing it with a fine-tooth hair brush. This will make the hair straight and free from the perm. You can consult the hairstylist about treating the hair after this process. Get tips from without using any type of chemicals. If you are planning to do the perm reversing process at home, it can also lead to further damage to your hair, so think at least twice before doing it or just visit the saloon for better treatment.

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Steps To Use Du-Rags

du-rag du-rag2
Du-Rags can be used to cover the hairstyle when you are going to bed to sleep. It was very popular during the 1950s where most of the people used to wear it. It is helpful in maintaining the hairstyles in perfect shape such as curls and waves. The du-rag has been one of the most used hairstyling product by the Black Americans from a long time, but now it is also worn by other people.
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The du-rags are available in polyester most of the time, but there are also fabrics that are used to make the du-rags. It is also available in different color options that can be worn for various occasions. This product is also considered to be significant as it is able to combine the styles as well as cultures over time. Some of the people normally wear the du-rags as per their wish and others wear them throughout the day. The du-rag that is made of polyester is widely used by most of people and it is also much effective than other materials to keep the hairstyle intact. Usually the size of du-rags will be long that must cover your entire head. Those who wear the du-rags will also tie it near their ears to make it secured neatly in place. If you are creating a braid with your hair, then try to cover them with the du-rags at night times.

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Washing Smoothing Gel Out Of Your Hair

smoothing gel smoothing gel2
Smoothing hair gel is a most used hairstyling product that can make the hair look sleek and sophisticated. You can easily create different types of hairstyle by using the smoothing gels at home. But if you use too much of smoothing gel on the hair, it can make the hair look sticky that must be removed immediately to prevent hair damage. You can just use the clarifying shampoo to wash the hair to remove the gel out of your hair.
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To get rid of smoothing gel from your hair, first rinse the hair using warm water and use your fingers to separate the hair strands. Apply clarifying shampoo all over the hair evenly till you are able to form rich lather and rinse the hair completely. You can go through the hair again and use the shampoo once again if you find any gel buildup in any part of the hair. Then divide the hair by combing the strands and spread a little amount of moisturizing conditioner. Use the moisturizing conditioner mainly at the hair ends to make the hair soft once again. Make the moisturizing conditioner to stay on your hair for at least fifteen minutes and rinse the hair again. At last use moisturizing leave-in hair conditioner to style the hair as per your wish. Wash the hair at least two times in a month with clarifying shampoo to keep it free from hairstyling product buildup.

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Equestrian Hairstyle

equestrian hairstyle equestrian hairstyle2
Equestrian hairstyle is a simple way of styling the hair and it is one of the best as well as easy to achieve style. Most of the celebrities all over the world try this look and you can be achieved at home. It is the best hairstyle that is a perfect choice to be placed at low near your neck and high at the side over your head. This hairstyle can give sporty look for most of the people and you can just follow this technique to get this style done at home without any difficulty. There is no need to use more hairstyling tools in this hairstyle.
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To start your hairstyling, clean the entire hair before using the hair conditioning product. Then use the moisturizing hair gel all over the strands of your hair and mainly behind your head. Now pull out another hair part below your first hair part and keep it secured using hair band. Continue this technique till the hair gets end in your hand and secure it with the help of a hair band. Make sure to use the hair band only at the end of your hair. Try to wear wide hair bands to secure the hairstyle to keep it in place behind the head without any problem. It is a perfect hairstyle for those who are interested in sports and mainly when you are riding a horse.

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Taking Care Of Damaged Bangs

damaged bangs damaged bangs2
Damaged bangs can be difficult to correct as it can spoil your entire hairstyle. The bangs are the main thing in your hairstyle that can be easily seen by everyone. There are different things that can cause damage to the bangs and it can be adjusted by following a particular technique. Use the right conditioner for treating your hair properly and it can also help to maintain the entire hair perfectly without any damage.
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As usual begin the process after washing the hair using only moisturizing shampoo and get it conditioner properly. Dry the hair with a blow dryer after spreading a little amount of heat-protectant product all over the strands. Use a round brush while blow drying your hair and move from top to bottom of the hair. Now use the flat iron over your bangs to make it look thin as well as straight. Just apply medium heat with the flat iron over the bangs and mist it with a heat protectant product. Next you must divide the bangs into two different parts and secure them using the clamp. Now mist the bangs once again with the spray to make it stay in one place. Try to condition your hair with keratin-based hair conditioner to make it deep conditioned to avoid visiting a hair specialist. The keratin-based products can be helpful in repairing the damaged hair without harming it further.

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Lisa Bonets Baby Locks

lisa bonet lisa bonet2
Lisa Bonet is wearing a unique hairstyle that is called as baby locks. This style can be give interesting and unique look if you style it in proper way. The hair will become similar to tight ropes which need less maintenance. People who have short hair can try this style to make the hair look different. There will be curls after creating this hairstyle which can look beautiful and versatile which will also give a sophisticated hairstyle.
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lisa bonet5 lisa bonet6
As usual start by washing your hair using residue-free shampoo and keep the hair damp to continue the styling process. Twist two adjacent locks to make it tight and then spread a little amount of styling gel in your fingers and spread it on one lock at a time by twisting it clockwise from root to tip. Continue to twist the two locks together starting from root to tip and fold the two twisted locks into a loop at the root. Also twist the remaining lock around the loop for a coiled ball and if the locks look short avoid making a loop before coiling and twisting. Next tuck the ends of the locks under the base of your coiled ball or secure it with a hairpin. Twist the coil again and secure pairs of locks to make all the locks into coiled balls. Leave the hair as it is for several hours or overnight to make it set. Finally remove the knots by gently by pulling out each coiled ball and finger style the curls as per your desire.

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Steps To Maintain Lazy Curls

lazy curls lazy curls2
Lazy curls in your hair can give a good look, but most of time it will lose the shape that can cause frizz. There are ways that can be useful in making the lazy curls to stay in it place. This can help the curls to flow around your head just like natural curls in the hair. Try to wash the hair with curls 2 days in a week to maintain the moisture in your hair that can make the curls to stay in perfect shape.
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lazy curls5 lazy curls6
First clean the hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and condition it. Try to rinse the hair after applying a hair conditioner and you can also mist the hair with leave-in hairspray after the shampoo process. Apply a small amount of hair gel all over the strands of your hair and style the curls using your fingers. Move your fingers with the gel from middle of the hair and gently move to the hair ends. Avoid using any type of heat styling tools as it can make the curls to dry removing the curly look. In case you want to dry the hair with the blow dryer, try to attach he diffuser along with it. Use the curling iron for creating the shape in your curls and style them with your fingers. Don’t comb the hair with hair brush as it can make the curls look flat.

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Methods To Clean Your Kinky Twists

kinky hair twist kinky hair twist2
Kinky twist can give a simple look that will look like a braid and it is very easy to maintain. In case you want to wash the hair with the kinky twist, try to follow few simple steps. This hairstyle can be worn for about few weeks without touching your hair and maintaining it is very important.
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kinky hair twist5 kinky hair twist6
First keep stocking cap on the hair before taking a bath and try to spread your hair to make the water enter into it. You must try to squeeze your hair using your hands to make the water enter into the twist easily. Keep the shampoo over your stocking cap for spreading it over the hair and squeeze it again to make it enter into the hair. Just rinse the hair with water after the shampoo process and apply the hair conditioner over your stocking cap. Rinse you hair for the second time and make sure that the stocking cap gets free from slick. You must dry the hair wearing stocking cap which can help to maintain the hair without any frizzy. In case the twist looks loose, just leave it naturally to dry which will make it tight. Try to style the twists using oil-based products that can add more shine into the hair. Always mist the kinky twists with a hairspray from underneath the hair which can control the hair without any breakage.

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Securing the Hair Curlers At Night

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Hair curlers need more time to settle if you are using them without causing damage to the hair. In such case many people will wear them and go to bed to make it set perfectly. There are few things that are important to follow while wearing the curlers and sleeping. You will need items such as hair curlers, shower cap, a piece of cloth to cover the head and hair clips to do this process.
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First wear the curlers as usual and make sure that the hair is slightly damp. Then cover the hair using a shower cap as it will be helpful in moisturizing the hair. Now wrap the hair with a cloth over the shower cap and secure them using the curl clips. Start wrapping the cloth from back of the head and move towards the front of your head. You can also use the bobby pins for securing the wrapped cloth. Try o use the clips on the position where you are going to lie down on the pillow. Just lie down over the pillow normally and adjust the clip or bobby pin of its feels uncomfortable. There is no need to panic while wearing the curlers and sleeping in the bed as it will not cause any problem to your hair. The hair clips can be disturbing for some of the people so they can try using the bobby pins.

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