Styling Your Hair With Toupee

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A toupee is a perfect way to enhance your hairstyle if you have cut the hair too short. It is not easy to wear the toupee over your head without a proper technique and it must look good as well as natural on the head. You must also maintain the toupee in a proper way to make it suitable to wear on various occasions and try to remove it in a gentle manner so you can wear it again.
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First dampen the head with water or you can also wash the entire hair as normally your would do. Start placing the toupee tape just below the toupee as close as possible and try to take the backing off strips to attach the tape to the scalp. Mist the entire scalp with a hairspray which can help top keep your toupee from coming out of its place. Now you keep the toupee over your head very gently and adjust it as per your desire with some pressure over the area where you have use adhesive tape. Next mist the toupee using water and then apply a little amount of hair conditioner. In case your want to take the toupee out of the head do it very slowly from back of the head and moving towards the front. You can just use your fingers to remove the toupee out of its place. Try to use adhesive remover only if it is needed to remove your toupee.

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Using Curling Iron To Create Big Hair Curls

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Hair curls can look good if you wear in a large size and this style can be created with various styling tools. Here are few steps that can be helpful to create the large wavy curls by using a curling iron. Make sure to purchase a perfect curling iron that is suitable for your hair type by consulting a hair specialist to achieve the hairstyle without any problem.
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First brush the hair from top to bottom using a normal hair comb to take the snarls out and mist your complete hair with a spray that can protect it from the heat produced by the curling iron. Now take a small hair section that must be around 1/4 inch in thickness and secure it facing upwards. Use the curling iron to slide it over the hair section till the end from top and roll it upward as well as inward. Maintain a little distance from your scalp while using the curling iron and keep the iron only for few seconds in the hair before releasing it gently. Use the same technique on the other parts of hair on the head till you create the wavy curls as per your desire. After completing the curling process, try to style the entire hair with the help of your fingers and don’t use any type of brushing tools. If you want try to mist a little amount of spray over the curls to make them stay in place.

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Hairstyle Wavy Dreads

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This is a unique hairstyle with dreads that looks wavy. A dread can be worn in different ways and one of them is by wearing them as wavy as possible. In this hairstyle, the hair will be long and it will be worn straight down your back which will look wavy. There are many celebrities who like to wear this type of hairstyle and Shakira is one among them. Here is a simple way to create a wavy dread hairstyle.
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To get this style, first sprtiz all over the hair with water and start separating the hair into square sections using your fingers. Try to leave more dreads on the section of your hair which depends upon your interest and then divide it with rubber bands. Continue the styling process by taking one section at a time. Make sure to spread a little amount of leave-in conditioner on each section starting from the root to tip. Maintain the section in place from the root and then twist it clockwise. You must roll the section around itself just like a cinnamon roll. Push the hair pin through the roll and the root of the section to hold the roll in place. Follow the same procedure to create dreads on the other section that was divided earlier and remove the rolls only after leaving them for about ten hours. At last use your fingers to style the hair and avoid using any styling product.

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Hairstyle With Invisible Braid

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Invisible braids have the most preferred hairstyle for some of the people as it can be worn for a long time. In this hairstyle, the braids will be attached to the extensions in your actual hair and the braid will be visible near your root only. Begin your braiding process with a fresh hair and brush the hair extensions before using them for the styling process.
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Try to add a little amount of oil in your hands to apply it over the hair strands. Then create two hair sections in the front and other two sections at the back of your head. Take about 1/4 inch hair section near your hairline to work it inward and separate this small hair section into three to start your braiding process. Try to braid your hair by just crossing left hair section over center section and right hair section over center section. Keep end of your braid in your hand and collect the first hair section in the other hand. Keep your hair extension at the center and make sure that the hair on both the sides is equal. Now create a small loop in the center and keep it flat over the scalp below the braid and pull your braid from the loop. There must be three sections of hair such as left, center and right. Start braiding the hair extensions along with the natural hair and then lock the braids by simply wrapping it around end of your braid.

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Best Celeb Secrets for Healthy, Shiny Hair

If you are impressed with the shiny, textured hair of your favorite celebs, then following are some easy tips that you will help you to get the much needed shine and texture on your hairs.




Once you have used the conditioner on your hair then you need to wash it using cold water only, followed by towel dry and applying serum in small quantities. Washing it with hot water will also wash away essential hair nutrients.




Always apply quality hair conditioners as they help to maintain the acidity level of your hair. Using appropriate brush suiting your hair length is also important as it prevent hair falls and damages. r

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