Using Straightener To Get Spiral Curls

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Spiral hair curls can be one of the most interesting way of styling your hair. There is no need to use the curling iron to create the spiral curls in your hair like as usual because you can also a straightener to get the same type of hairstyle. There are some people including celebrities who style the hair in the same ways most of the time as they can give a beautiful look. To do this you can just follow these simple steps.
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Begin your styling with a day old hair and don’t wash it on the day of your styling process. This can help in adding more old to your hair while creating the curls in it. First take a hair section using your hands and mist it with a heat protectant hairspray to prevent the hair from damaging with the heat produced by the hair straightener. Now use the hair straightener over the section of your hair that was separated and sprayed. You can simply spiral your hair section around the straightener and leave it on for few seconds. Next remove the hair straightener out of your hair section very gently and the spiral curls will start to appear immediately in the hair section. Use the same technique on the remaining hair parts over your head and don’t leave the hair straightener over your hair for a long time as it can burn them.

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Using Barrettes On A Short Hair

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Barrettes are the perfect hair accessory to style a medium to long hair, but it is also possible to use them on a short hair. By following a particular method anyone with short hair can use the barrettes to style them in a perfect way. You can also use both bobby pins and barrettes to make the hairstyle look good.
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If you are using a small barrette, try to apply it over the bangs by just opening it gently with your hands. To take the entire bangs at the back of your head using the barrette try to mist it with a spray first. To make the bangs look beautiful, try to pull out small amount of hair for clipping it with the barrette. In case you want to make sure that your bangs don’t fall out of the barrette, try to use bobby pins to secure them perfectly. Another option that is available for styling the short hair is using a hair clip along with the barrette and try to match it with a proper outfit. Try to use small bobby pins to style the hair when you are using the barrette and push the bobby in into your hair in such a way that is covered by the hair strands. Use the bobby pins on both the sides of your head, so the hair is secured properly in place with the barrette.

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Using Demi-Permanent Color On Hair

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Demi-permanent color can be the best option if you want to make the hair color stay longer than the semi-permanent color. This product can be the best option to color your hair without getting it damaged. The hair color can stay on for 10-20 washing if it is applied over your hair in a proper way. The demi-permanent color is available online that can be purchased for using it at home without going to a saloon. If required consult a hairstyling before purchasing them to know which is better for your hair.
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As usual wash the hair and make it dry without using a hair dryer. Avoid using any type of hair conditioning products or gels over the hair. But you can apply a small amount of petroleum jelly near the hairline to avoid the color from entering into skin. Wear hand gloves and take the applicator along with hair color for spreading it over the hair. Make sure that you are able to apply the product all over the hair evenly. Then brush your hair using the comb that will be provided along with the product to make the color spread throughout your hair strands. Leave the hair with the color for 15 minutes and rinse it fully using warm water. You can apply a little amount of shampoo during the rinsing process and dry the hair naturally without the help of a blow dryer.

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Relaxing Hair With Homemade Recipe

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One of the best way to relax your hair is with the help of natural products. Most of the hair relaxer that is used by the people contains chemicals that can easily damage the hair. But there are also homemade relaxers that can make your hair straight without causing any kind of damage to your hair.
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First take olive oil which must be about 1/4 cup and try to make it heat. Then leave it to become slightly warm that must be applied over the hair with the help of your fingers. Make sure to rub the hair only with your fingers very gently and cover it with a towel. Now take the blow dryer and use it over the towel wrapped hair for about 10 minutes. Next take the towel out of your hair and rinse the hair as usual. In case you want to get most benefit with your styling process, try to leave the olive oil over your hair for at least 2 hours once the blow dryer has been used over the towel. Then rinse your hair normally without using any product. Try to use any type of olive oil for this styling process and if possible you can also use extra virgin olive oil for styling of your hair. Try to follow this method on regular basis to relax your hair without causing any damage to it.

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Rachelle Lefevre’s Crinkled Hairstyle

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Rachelle Lefevre has got a crinkled hairstyle that can look great for those who have a curly hair. It is a very beautiful way of creating a hairstyle which is suitable for a special occasion. Here is a technique to get her hairstyle without getting support from anyone. Avoid using too much of hairstyling products over your hair during the styling process as it can spoil your look. Don’t dry your hair fully while styling the hair as it can prevent you from getting this hairstyle.
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To Rachelle Lefevre crinkled hairstyle, there is a way that must be followed which is called as braiding method. First wash your hair a day before beginning your styling process and condition it properly without fail. In the next day, try to blow dry the hair roots without touching your hair strands to make it dry. Brush the hair as make it easily manageable and create French braid with your hair which must be slightly loose. If required you can also apply a little amount of hair serum all over the strands to prevent the frizzy look. Make sure that the serum is not spread too much over the hair as can make the hair look greasy. Now you must sleep with your braids on and in the next morning you can take the braids out. Now you can see the crinkled look in your hair that can be styled as per your wish.

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Styling Your Spiky Fringe

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Spiky fringe is a hairstyle that is liked by most of the women who want to make their look beautiful. This is one of the most unique way of styling the hair with any length. You can achieve this look by visiting a hairstylist or cutting the hair by sitting at home using few simple staying tools.
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First brush the bangs in front of the head and take the remaining hair at the back of the head. Now take one inch hair section from the bangs in between pointer and your middle finger. Make sure to pull your hair slightly down to keep it flat and cut the hair gently. Try to cut the bangs long than it should actually look as you are pulling it using your hands. Use the same method on the remaining parts of your bangs and cut them gently with the scissors. Next pull out the one inch bangs section with your fingers again towards upward from the head and start cutting them downwards than in a straight line that was done previously. You can cut the bangs deep if required to achieve the spiky look and comb the bangs as usual away from your forehead. At last use a blow dryer over the bangs that have been cut and touch up hair using your scissors only if you see unwanted hair sticking out of the hairstyle.

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Using Peroxide And Food Color On Hair

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Mixing peroxide and food color can be the best option to color your hair naturally. It is possible to change color of the hair if you mix both these products together in a perfect manner. By doing this you can also prevent hair damage that is caused by coloring the hair with chemicals. Make sure to wear hand gloves during this coloring process and use bright hair color to make the hair look good.
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First clean your hair by washing it and make sure that your hair straight. Then cover the shoulder with a towel to prevent the color from falling on the floor. Now take hydrogen peroxide in a bottle and add same amount of water in the bottle. Mist the hair with it and spread it all over the hair using your fingers after wearing hand gloves. Let the solution stay on your hair for about fifteen minutes before rinsing it with normal water. Try to wash the hair using a moisturizing shampoo before conditioning it with a hair conditioner. Leave the hair to dry on its own and style it as per your wish. Now take the food color gel in your fingers and apply it throughout the hair. You can leave this food color gel on your hair for a long time to make it stick on your hair. Most of the people will leave it on for a day before getting hair rinsed.

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Using Milk Over Straightened Hair

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Hair can be straightened with the help of chemicals and other straightenining tools. But this process can cause mild to serious damage to your hair. Those who want to make their hair straight without undergoing any chemical process, they can try the following method which is done with the help of milk. Try to use powdered milk as it is considered to b much cheaper than other types of milk.
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Start the styling by washing your hair and mist the entire hair with milk before using the shampoo. Try to massage it gently using the milk and let it sit over the hair for about 20 minutes. The massaging process will make the milk to enter into the scalp and also increase the blood circulation in it. Then brush the hair with wide-tooth comb and rinse the hair. Again use the shampoo and condition the hair before rinsing it for the second time. Make sure that the hair loses the milk smell before stopping the rinsing process. Leave the hair to dry on its own or use a normal towel to make it dry. Try to mist the milk over the damp hair if you want to make the hair look smooth and then dry it with the help of a hair dryer using the round brush. You can use the powdered milk to create a paste like substance by mixing it with water and massage it over hair for better result.

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Using Sea Breeze Astringent For Treating Dandruff

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Sea breeze astringent is a hairstyling product that is used for treating dandruff over your head. Dandruff can give hard time for most of the people as it can also cause itchy scalp and hair loss. But using the sea breeze astringent product you can treat this problem without going to a hair specialist.
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Before purchasing the sea breeze astringent product, you must select the best one suitable for your hair. There are two types of breeze astringent hair products available in the market such as sea breeze astringent original formula and sea breeze astringent skin & scalp. Next take the product and use the cotton balls to apply the product all over the hair before going to bed. Also make sure this product is applied before washing the hair. Use only little amount of this product with the cotton ball and spread it over the scalp or the place over your head where the dandruff is more. Don’t use this product over the scalp that has not been affected by dandruff. Avoid using this product without drying the scalp area as it can make your hair follicle to clog together. Try to use the product only three times during the week for better result. You must reduce the usage of sea breeze astringent product as the dandruff starts to decrease of your scalp or consult a doctor if it still exists.

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Treating Hair Loss Due To Lupus

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Lupus is one of such disease that can cause hair loss at some point. The hair loss that is related to lupus occurs in different forms such as patchy hair fall, hair loss all over the head and more. Apart from losing hair due to lupus, hair loss can also occur during its treatment. There are ways to deal with the hair loss while suffering from lupus. It is important to consult a doctor before dealing with the hair loss that happens due to the lupus disease.
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First you must access the hair loss such as hair loss all over your head is common in lupus and patchy hair fall that can occur due to scalp rash. You can make the hair fall that happens around the head when the disease is treated and the hair will start to grow again in the same area over your head. But patchy hair fall is difficult to deal with as it will damage your hair follicles permanently. Try to control the lupus disease in order to solve your hair loss issue and don’t just give attention to your hair fall. It is important to follow a healthy diet to prevent lupus and hair loss. You must do exercise for at least half an hour in a day and also consume lot of fruits, vegetables, etc. Stay away from sun during the day or you can also wear sunscreen daily as the ultraviolet light are linked in causing the lupus flares.

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