Applying Color On Your Hair Roots

color hair roots color hair roots2
Coloring the roots of your hair requires special technique to prevent the hairstyle from looking bad. There is a special way of coloring the hair roots without visiting a saloon. Make sure that your hair is free from dust and clean it following normal procedure. Also wear hand gloves before starting the coloring process. Try to follow the procedure mentioned on the coloring kit while applying it over your hair.
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To start first try to dry the hair as usual using a hair dryer and mix the color in a bowl by following the instructions carefully. Start spreading the color on your damp hair from one side and gently move to other side. Apply color over your hair strands over the hair and also over your scalp. After applying the color over your hair and also saturate the hair roots. The entire coloring process will take about half an hour for the first time. In case you want to enhance the color over the hair, try to use a shine serum. Avoid using hair oil during the coloring process as it can make your styling time more. Let the color on your hair for the time mentioned on the coloring product before washing it as usual. Don’t leave the color on your hair for a long time without washing as it can make your hair color look dark as well as bad.

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Applying Bleach On Dark Hair At Home

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Bleaching hair can consume more time if you are doing it at home. Most of the people bleach their hair to achieve a perfect blonde looking hair. The hair can get damaged if you try to make the hair light with the help of a bleaching product. But you can do the bleaching process at home within few minutes than going to a saloon for a long process.
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dark hair bleach5 dark hair bleach6
First make the hair smooth by combing it and create four parts. Then take bleaching kit and mix the product by following the instructions properly. Cover the shoulders with a towel and take one of the hair part for styling. Start applying the mixed bleach over the hair using your hands wearing gloves. Try to spread the mixture from the hair roots and move to the hair ends gently. Next use the same method to cover the remaining hair parts in the same way. Wear a plastic cap over the head to cover your hair and leave it for about half an hour. Now you can check the color of your hair and leave it for another 5 minutes to make it light. Get the hair rinsed using warm water and apply a little amount of shampoo for washing the hair fully. Don’t forget to apply a conditioner and rinse the hair again after 5 minutes before styling the hair as per your wish.

dark hair bleach7 dark hair bleach8