Treating Hair Using Avocado Oil

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Avocado oil is the best and natural way of treating your hair to make it grow longer. It can also help to maintain the hair healthy as well as strong. You can treat the hair at home with this product without going to a saloon. Before starting the styling you must few products ready such as avocado, olive oil, shampoo and a bowl.
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First take half avocado and try to scoop its inside out. This will be suitable for medium to short hair and if you have a long hair use a full avocado. Take avocado in the bowl and mix one tbsp olive oil for short and medium hair. Try to mash the entire content in the bowl using a fork till it gets completely mixed together. Keep the bowl with the ingredients in the Microwave for about 3o seconds. Then make hair slightly damp and start applying the ingredients all over the hair. After covering the entire hair strands, leave it for about half an hour. Now you can wash the hair using cold water and make sure not to use any type of hair conditioner while washing the hair using a shampoo. Follow the same procedure at least one time during the week to maintain the hair strong and moisturized. This method can be effective if you use it for a long time in a proper way and it is also very safe than going for other hair treatment.

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