Steps To Get Parted Hair Bangs

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Parted hair bangs is one of the easiest ways of styling your hair in a quick time. There will be bangs in this hairstyle that will be parted in the middle of your head and it is a versatile style which can be paired along with hair down for a casual look. Many celebrities like to wear this hairstyle in case they have a long hair which makes easy to maintain and to create it. To create this style, first try to have at least medium to length hair. Just follow this simple way to achieve this style at home without getting any help.
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To get parted hair bangs, begin the hairstyling process by spreading a little amount of straightening balm all over the bangs after cleaning them on a damp hair. Use your fingers starting from the center of your forehead through the bangs and separate the hair into half. Start curling one half of the bangs with a round brush by keeping it next to your forehead and brush it toward the face. Use a blow dryer and dry the hair by pulling it through the bangs to make the hair curl inward. Clamp the flat iron on one half of your bangs near the scalp and then slowly draw it down your hair. Spread a little amount of smooth motion and each half of the bangs and follow the same process on the other bangs too.

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Short Cropped Bangs

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Creating short cropped bangs will be able to give a great look for those want to maintain their hair short. This is a perfect hairstyle for those who have a short to medium hair length. It can be worn for a casual event when matched with a proper outfit. Most of the celebrities with short hair like this hairstyle as it can easily created.
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To achieve the hairstyle with short cropped bangs, you must comb the entire hair using a normal hair brush and make it free of knots. Then cut your hair at home using the normal hairstyling method. You can also go to a hair specialist to get this haircut done in a perfect way than trying it at home. If you are doing this at home, first comb the entire hair from back and in the front of your head in one place. Start cutting them short without moving too close to your scalp. Now you can comb the hair to see the cutting result and in case the length of your hair looks uneven try to cut them using the scissors. Pull out one part from your for cutting downward and take left out hair parts in one section for cutting it in the same procedure. Finally wash the hair and dry it using hair dryer and mist the entire hairstyle with a spray to complete the process.

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Taking Care Of Damaged Bangs

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Damaged bangs can be difficult to correct as it can spoil your entire hairstyle. The bangs are the main thing in your hairstyle that can be easily seen by everyone. There are different things that can cause damage to the bangs and it can be adjusted by following a particular technique. Use the right conditioner for treating your hair properly and it can also help to maintain the entire hair perfectly without any damage.
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As usual begin the process after washing the hair using only moisturizing shampoo and get it conditioner properly. Dry the hair with a blow dryer after spreading a little amount of heat-protectant product all over the strands. Use a round brush while blow drying your hair and move from top to bottom of the hair. Now use the flat iron over your bangs to make it look thin as well as straight. Just apply medium heat with the flat iron over the bangs and mist it with a heat protectant product. Next you must divide the bangs into two different parts and secure them using the clamp. Now mist the bangs once again with the spray to make it stay in one place. Try to condition your hair with keratin-based hair conditioner to make it deep conditioned to avoid visiting a hair specialist. The keratin-based products can be helpful in repairing the damaged hair without harming it further.

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Taking Care Of Blunt Bangs

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Blunt bangs can give a unique look if it is styled in a perfect way, but most of the time it can spoil your entire look. You can fix this problem without going to a hairstylist than waiting for the hair to grow long. Cut only small amount of bangs with the scissor till you get the desired effect.
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First brush the bangs using a normal comb to make it free from tangles and make sure that the bangs are fully dry before continuing the styling process. Now brush the bangs in front of the face and make different parts in the bangs. Take the bangs towards outside of your face and keep it in between pointer finger as well as the middle finger. Start cutting the hair that is coming out of your fingers using a standard scissor. Try to do vertical cuts at the end of your hair layer in the bangs with the same scissor and don’t make the scissor to enter deep into the bangs. Now take the bangs on top of the layer and cut it in the same way. At last comb the bangs that have been cut with the scissor and style it as per your wish. Apply a small amount of hair gel on the bangs to create a very chunky look and to get elegant look brush the bangs towards the side of the head.

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Twisting Bangs Technique

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Twisting bangs is a simple method that can be used to create the bangs in your hair. There are various types of styling techniques that are normally used to create bangs, but this one can be done by anyone. Make sure you are good at cutting the hair before beginning the styling process. You will be able to create only short bangs with the help of this technique and in case you are looking to achieve long bangs try to get some help from a hairstylist.
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Make sure to wash the hair before starting the process and try to make it completely dry. Then create a simple part in front of your head which will be sued for cutting and take the left out hair behind the head to make a ponytail. Comb your hair which is loose from the ponytail and start twisting them using the round brush if your hair is curly. Those who have straight hair must use flat brush for twisting the hair. You must twist the hair just few times and don’t put too much pressure. Now cut the bangs using a scissor and with the help of your fingers. Don’t worry on case your hair becomes straight during this process as it can be twisted once again at last. After this you can just shake the bangs with your fingers and texturize the hair ends using the scissor if required.

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Dianna Agron Bangs

Dianna Agron is a multi-talented personality with extraordinary singing, dancing, acting and directing skills. The beautiful lady who had made her TV debut in CSI:NY in 2006 went on and performed some amazing roles across film and TV industry.

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Agron’s hairstyle has always been a center of attraction. Her new hot red hair colored coupled with shiny, lustrous side swept bangs look spectacular on her. She maintains hair length till her shoulder.

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If you want a layered bang look like that of Agron, which flows seamlessly in your hair then pay extra attention to the length of the hair.





Helena Christensen’s Shorter Bangs

Helena Christensen has always been amazing with her looks. This beautiful Danish photographer and model was a former Victoria’s Secret Angel and boasts of not only an amazing figure but also catchy hairstyles.

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To get a sexy haircut like Helena Christensen’s, you must ask for hair bangs that starts just above the eyebrows. The heavy pieces of bangs at the sides are required to round out the square faced shape.


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The bangs which start a bit shorter like in her hairstyles, gives people an extra week or so before they feel the need of having them trimmed again.

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Rose Byrne’s Straight Bangs

Mary Rose Byrne or Rose Byrne as she is popularly know is a famous Australian actress who made her screen debut in Dallas Doll and rose to fame due to her subsequent roles across various movies.





Rose is a perfect example of how bangs can look classy and hot at the same time. Her longer fringe stick straights bore a completely different look as compared to her blunt bangs which she sported previously. Nevertheless, she looks dazzling in all of them.

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For such a hairstyles, the hair outside corners of the eyebrows needs to be cut well and deep parted side fringes are a must.


13 12



Kimberly Caldwell’s Layered Bangs

Kimberly Caldwell has hosted various TV shows and not only her on- screen appearances but also her off-screen appearances have been appreciated by the audiences.

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Kimberly has got natural curly hair and she ensures that her side swept bangs look even fun and interesting. The edgy hairs with lot of layers and cool accessories make her look even more hot.

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She makes heavy use of hair barrettes and colored bobby pins in order to accessorize her hair between the trims. Kimberly also opts for side swept or part hair down the middle hairstyle which suits her angular face.


9 10



Dianna Agron’s Hairstyle

Her charmless beauty and million dollar smiles rob millions of hearts across the world. Dianna started her acting career from TV and featured in movies including The Hunter and I Am Number Four. This blonde beauty is loved for her absolutely brilliant fashion and grooming sense.

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9 dianna_agron_long_hairstyle_24

Her side swept bangs are one of the best hairstyles on American television and she carries them with a class.Her new hot red hair color complements the side swept bangs which extend up to her shoulder length.

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Her layered bangs flow seamlessly and longer length implies that they go along with any dress, be it small or big.

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