Hairstyle With Blonde Black Color

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Blonde black color can give a very unique as well as dramatic look to your hair. There are many celebrities who color their hair in this way to look completely different. You must follow this simple method to color your hair and make it blonde black.
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First you must select the blonde coloring kit suitable for your hair. In case your hair is naturally blonde, try to lighten it slightly and others can follow the instruction on the kit. Those who don’t have a blonde hair must color their entire hair with blonde color. It is better to get help from a hairstylist if you don’t have a naturally blonde hair color. Now select the tone of your black color which can be high or low depending upon your look. Then comb the hair to make separate a section of hair horizontally over the head in straight line and make the remaining hair part to stay down. Now secure the hair on top of the head using a ponytail holder and cover the horizontal part using aluminum foil. Start coloring the bottom section of the hair without touching the top part. Once the bottom hair section has been covered with black color, leave it on for the time mentioned in the instructions and rinse it as usual. Finally remove the ponytail holder from the top section to make your hair fall on its own.

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