Creating Blonde Chunks In Your Hair

blonde hair chunks blonde hair chunks2
Adding blonde chunks in your hair can give a unique look and it can also be created very easily. There is no need to follow a any special technique and use a particular product for achieving this look. Anyone can add blonde chunks in their hair to get a defined look and it can be matched with a proper outfit for a great look.
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To create blonde chunks in your hair, cover the hair with highlighting cap provided along with the styling kit. There will be holes in the cap that must be used to pull the hair out using the hook provided along with the kit. Try to take out thick hair from the holes to create a unique look. Take the hair color and mix it by following the instructions Use the coloring brush from the kit for coloring your hair that has come out of the hole from the cap. Read the instructions for the time that your hair has to be left with the color. In case you have a very dark hair, let the color to stay to on your hair for a longer time than the actual time mentioned in the instruction. If your hair is light to medium color, just follow the instruction on the kit. Then you can rinse the hair with the cap still on your head and condition the hair without fail.

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