Lily Donaldson Hairstyles

Lily Donaldson is a popular British model who has made to the covers of popular fashion magazines. The sultry looks of the model goes well with her long wavy blonde hairstyle.


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Lily uses many shades and styles on her hairs, majority of the shades are related to blonde light color. This hot model has impressed everyone with her shades of blonde. The tousled beach waves looks glossy on her. Besides her hot radiant skin adds more sex appeal to her personality and she looks like a damsel.

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Her signature blonde look has made her a hairstyle icon for many.

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Best Blonde Hollywood Hairstyles

Blondes have always ruled Hollywood with the beauty and hairstyles. Ever since the beginning there has been some actress or the other who has charmed the audience with their looks and acting skills. Following are some of the best blonde Hollywood hairstyles that people admire.




Ranging from Gwyneth Paltrow to Taylor Swift to Cameron Diaz, almost all the actress has impressed fans with their rosy, flushed complexion and blonde hairs. The golden highlights with depth and luster compliments the personality of these actresses.




Also, from Pin ups to buns to long wavy to bob cut hairstyles, these blonde actresses aren’t afraid to flaunt their hairstyles.




Attractive Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde is beautiful. This type of hairs are very common and are characterized by fair hair and low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin.  The word Blonde basically finds its roots from French language. This hair type include girls having skin fair tone.

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The blonde color in individuals can vary from pale to reddish blonde. Nevertheless, it looks really nice and enhance the appeal of girls.

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You can opt for various blonde hairstyles including curls, straight, short cut etc. Some of the popular blondes include Paris Hilton, Anne Hathway, Kate Winslet etc. A general perception is that men find  blonde girls more attractive than others.

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