Caring For Blonde Hair

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Having a blonde hair needs extra care as they can easily get damaged. Treating a blonde hair needs additional effort that can be done by following few simple styling steps. Most of the people who have blonde hair can follow this method to keep it healthy.
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Avoid making your hair blonde by using different types of hair colors available in the market. You can also make your hair look blonde naturally by sitting under the sun. Always get a deep-conditioning process done on your hair on regular basis by using olive oil to maintain it soft. While washing your hair avoid using shampoos at the hair ends as it can make them look messy. Just use the shampoo on top of your hair and just leave the ends as it is. Avoid using hairstyling products too much on your blonde hair as they can weigh down your hair. Use products such as leave-in cream all over the hair from top to end to make it look shiny, but don’t over use it. Go to a saloon to get haircuts on regular basis to maintain the blonde hair healthy. If you don’t want to cut the hair, try to cut just the hair ends to keep it healthy. Don comb the hair too much as it can cause breakage and even split ends. In case you want to comb your hair use a brush with natural bristles.

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Changing Gray Hair Into Blonde Using Turmeric

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Coloring hair is an easy process that is undergone by most of the people to change their look. Instead of using chemical hair colors for changing the color of your hair there are natural products just like turmeric that can also give the same hair color especially if your hair looks gray. Using turmeric on a gray hair can make it look blonde. To achieve the blonde color with gray hair using turmeric just follow these simple methods.
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First take boiling water in a bowl and add turmeric root into the bowl. Make the water to steep which will make the turmeric root to soak in the bowl of water. Then take only the liquid out of the bowl and prepare yourself for the styling process. Wear hand gloves and place a cloth around the shoulders to prevent the liquid from falling over your skin. Next bend your head down in the sink for applying the liquid over your hair from top to bottom with the help of your hands. First use this liquid on one strand of your hair to check its absorption rate. Use the same method using your hands over the other hair strands till it becomes fully saturated. Now you can brush the hair with the liquid and make it dry for fifteen minutes. Then you can get your hair washed as usual using a shampoo before applying the hair conditioner. Go through your entire hair and it will look fully blonde.

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Mollie King Bright Blonde Locks

Mollie King is best known as  the member of the platinum girl group The Saturday. Her records have successfully enjoyed  being on top slots of various charts including UK Albums Chart and UK Singles Chart.

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Mollie’s bright blonde hair locks are unusually wavy, yet they look classy. Unlike the regular big, bunchy curls,  her hairstyle maintains the length and adds the style.  Her light, shoulder skimming hairstyle is blunt cut and is parted along the sides.




Mollie is a perfect example of charismatic personality, beautiful smile and clean hairstyle. Irrespective of whether you are blonde or not, do try this hot look.

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Elle Fanning Hairstyle

This teen sensation has got the looks to die for. She has caused quit a buzz with her sexy looks and changing hairstyles. Elle changes her hair color often and loves to get clicked in changed getup.

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She has dyed her signature blonde hair several times and her recent hair color is brunette. She just not enjoys the changed colors but also changed hair lengths.

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Elle is also fond of her natural curls and usually don’t get out without them. Her choice of dresses which goes in line with her hair-color and hairstyles makes her one of the hottest girls in the fraternity.

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Best Blonde Hollywood Hairstyles

Blondes have always ruled Hollywood with the beauty and hairstyles. Ever since the beginning there has been some actress or the other who has charmed the audience with their looks and acting skills. Following are some of the best blonde Hollywood hairstyles that people admire.




Ranging from Gwyneth Paltrow to Taylor Swift to Cameron Diaz, almost all the actress has impressed fans with their rosy, flushed complexion and blonde hairs. The golden highlights with depth and luster compliments the personality of these actresses.




Also, from Pin ups to buns to long wavy to bob cut hairstyles, these blonde actresses aren’t afraid to flaunt their hairstyles.




Elizabeth Olsen Hairstyles

Elizabeth Olsen is a beautiful American singer and actress. Her roles in Liberal Arts, Godzilla, Silent House has earned her reputation of a good actress. Her perfect looks and awesome hairs spread her charm wherever she goes.


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Olsen’s role in Martha Marcy May Marlene and her hairstyles got her enough attention  at various red carpets post the release of the movie made her popular overnight. She prefers medium length hair and change them from center to side parting often.

"Martha Marcy May Marlene" Photocall - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival 6

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Be it her bangs of side curls, the blonde hair of the actress makes her beautiful all the time.

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Attractive Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde is beautiful. This type of hairs are very common and are characterized by fair hair and low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin.  The word Blonde basically finds its roots from French language. This hair type include girls having skin fair tone.

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The blonde color in individuals can vary from pale to reddish blonde. Nevertheless, it looks really nice and enhance the appeal of girls.

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You can opt for various blonde hairstyles including curls, straight, short cut etc. Some of the popular blondes include Paris Hilton, Anne Hathway, Kate Winslet etc. A general perception is that men find  blonde girls more attractive than others.

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