Methods To Remove Blue Color From Hair

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Applying blue color on the hair can give a unique look for most of the people. But some of them will have problem after coloring their hair with blue color as it can spoil their look. There are few things that must be followed while taking the blue color out of your hair as it can be a little difficult process.
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The first option is mixing baking soda along with your clarifying shampoo with equal amount. Apply this over the hair to get rid of the blue color. But there is one problem with this method as it can remove the moisture from your hair that can be harmful to the hair. Another option is using dish soap along with laundry detergent for using it over the hair that has blue color on it. Just like the previous technique this option can also cause severe damage to your hair. The next option would be mixing vitamin tablets such as vitamin C along with a normal shampoo for washing your hair. After using this mixture over the hair make sure to leave it on for minimum of ten minutes before rinsing it out of your hair. You can also use this step again if the hair color stays on. The best and easy way to change the color of your hair applying another color over the existing hair color, but you must bleach the hair fully before adding another color on your hair.

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