Methods To Cut Blunt Hair Bob

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Blunt hair bob is a perfect hairstyle that can be achieved with medium to short hair. There is a particular technique that is followed to do the blunt cut with your hair. Try to wash the hair before starting the cutting process and make sure it is also conditioned. You must also dry the hair before starting your cutting process even though most of the hairstylist cut the hair when it is slightly wet. Try to make the hair straight using a flat iron as it can help to determine the size of your hair after the haircut.
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Start the cutting by after making four parts in your hair from the hairline to the nape of your neck. Try to create horizontal part over the head that must be about 1/4 inch thick which will be used as the guideline to create the blunt cut. Place the shears parallel to the ground and move it across your hair. Take another hair section from behind your head and do the same as you did with the previous section by cutting it across the hair. Continue the same process all over the head and make parting with your hair from hairline from ear to ear. Use this as a guide to end the haircutting process all over the head. Mist the blunt hair bob with a spray to maintain it in a perfect shape.

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